Seidio Surface case with kickstand for Galaxy Note Edge

You can find a Seidio Surface case for just about any major phone out there, and it brings the same solid feature set to cover your Galaxy Note Edge. This hard case makes your Note Edge considerably more rugged, and adds in a kickstand to prop it up at the same time.

Unlike softer rubber cases, the hard Surface case pops on in two separate pieces due to its rigidity. But once it is on the phone, it provides serious protection all around. Of course with the curved portion of the Note Edge the right side is inherently exposed, but the lip around the entire front of the device will keep it safe even if you put it screen down onto a table. The thickness of the case does add a noticeable amount of girth to the phone, but it's worth it if you need that kind of protection. And the extra thickness gave Seidio room to put a spring-loaded metal kickstand in the back that you can prop the phone up on a table with.

One thing you don't have to worry about is your ports and buttons, where Seidio has given generous cutouts around the volume buttons, S Pen slot, USB port and speaker.

At a hair under $30 the Seidio Surface Kickstand case for the Note Edge isn't the cheapest out there, but if you need something that gives your phone a bit more protection while also offering extra functionality and you're not afraid of the associated bulk, it'll be worth a look. You can snag one in black, blue or red from ShopAndroid.