Seidio Active case for HTC One X

HTC did an amazing job with the polycarbonate body on the HTC One X.  It has a very Nokia Lumia-like texture to it ,and it looks and feels great. However, I need to also remember that this phone stores my life; it has all my contacts, calendar appointments, lots of apps and it wasn’t cheap.


There are plenty of times when I can keep the phone safely on my desk, without a bulky case and enjoy the design of the phone. Other times, though, like when I leave the house, carry the phone with me, exercise, etc., it is a good idea to have it protected.

Since I know there are times when it is worth protecting my investment, I might as well choose a protective case that really will cushion a fall, absorb a bump or ding, and if it has additional killer features – all the better!

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Seidio Active case

The Seidio Active case certainly offers great protection for my One X. It also brings to the table some unique features that make it literally…stand out from the crowd.


The Seidio Active case is a unique two-piece design.  The first piece is a rubberized skin that slides over the entirety of the phone. The skin has cutouts for the charging port, microphone, speaker and the headphone jack. 

The Volume buttons and Power buttons are handled differently; the skin actually covers these buttons entirely with carefully crafted slots and the buttons are still able to function as normal.

The places for the buttons and the cutouts were really done well on this case; very precise.

Active case design

Once the rubberized skin is slipped on, you snap on a harder plastic case. The outer case has six  “clips” that secure it in place – four on the corners and two on the sides. The inner case is indented in those six spots.  The outer case snaps on very easily and fits perfectly over the inner case.  In fact, unless you knew otherwise, you would swear that this was just one, solid case on the phone.

The hard plastic shell on my unit was a very nice shade of blue with a soft feel to the plastic.


For me, cases are first and foremost a necessity to protect the investment of the phone.  I do care about style, but if I am going to cover up a beautiful phone like the HTC One X, it will be with something that will keep it safe. 

I’m confident that the Seido Active series of cases (along the Case-Mate Tough cases) are amongst the best for protection. The case is very solid, very strong and (as I found out by accident) very protective if the phone is dropped.  The fact that the case also extends over the front glass means that the phone is protected if you lay your One X on its face.

Lastly, the case is thick enough so that it extends beyond the camera lens which protrudes from the back of the One X. Laying the phone on the back, you don’t have to worry about scratching the camera lens.

Active case resting on back

Attention to Detail

The Seidio Active case is very well made, feels good in the hand and has some nice details.

One unique feature of the Seidio Active case is probably due to the fact that they also make a very similar case for the EVO 4G LTE. The Evo has a kickstand on the back, so a case either needs to give access to the kickstand or provide a new one. The Seidio Active case has a built in kickstand on its EVO case and they carry that design over to the Active case for the One X. This is a great feature that allows you to rest your phone on the kickstand and watch a movie or do just about anything without having to hold the phone. The only caveat is that the kickstand only works in Landscape mode. 

The wrap up

The Seidio Active case for the HTC One X is  a great case.  It fits perfectly (which has not been the case with all cases for the One X.)  It is durable, attractive and seems to offer very good protection against dings drops and bumps. The fact that it included a kickstand and that it protects the camera lens make for strong selling points.

The good

  • Styling is very rugged
  • Case goes on and comes off easily
  • Two-piece design protects well
  • Camera and front of device are protected
  • Kickstand is a nice touch

The bad

  • The thin, svelte One X is no longer thin and svelte in this case
  • The very last row of speaker openings is blocked by the case

The verdict

I liked this case for the HTV EVO 4G LTE, I like it better on the One X. It fits beautifully, it protects well and it feels nice in the hand.

Buy it now


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