Sega today announced a new title, which will be available this summer on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Sonic Jump Fever is the next installment in the Sonic Jump series, based on the version released for feature phones back in 2005 and later adapted for smartphones in 2012. Sonic Jump Fever takes the series on a slightly different path with a focus on high scores and competing against friends while on the move.

If you're not familiar with Sonic Jump, the goal is to compete for high scores in a speedy vertical jumping challenge. Players can take control of Sonic, Knuckles and other favorite characters from Sonic's previous adventures. Pull off huge combos, deploy boosters, upgrades and unique character abilities to become the best of the best.

Scores are reset twice a week with playable levels moving up to the next zone for everyone. This keeps the competition fierce for those involved, while providing others a chance to get their names at the top of the leaderboards. It certainly sounds exciting and the trailer looks pretty neat too. We'll let you all know when the game is eventually released.