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See how Android Lollipop looks on the Samsung Galaxy S4

In case the early look of Android Lollipop running on the Samsung Galaxy S5 wasn't quite enough, SamMobile has returned with yet another pre-release build — this time for the Galaxy S4. While it's no official confirmation that the GS4 will definitely get the update, this at least shows Samsung is looking into it.

The publication has revealed additional screenshots of the Lollipop-optimized TouchWiz UI, which looks similar to the one previewed for the Galaxy S5. Because the firmware is based on early Lollipop code (LRX02E) it's not possible to talk performance and how responsive the test build is, but based on the leaked footage everything appears to be pretty smooth. SamMobile also notes that memory management also appears to be more efficient, however Wifi connectivity apparently isn't working in this build.

Got thoughts, comments or theories on Lollipop for the Galaxy S4? Share them in the comments below!

Source: SamMobile

  • Smoooooottthhh.....
    Can't wait to get this update. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'd be careful. That was smooth cause the phone was clearly never used or recently reset.
    Thou I learned that is best to clear cache prior to installing an update. This doesn't have a great effect if it's done after.
    I've never tested if this helps the Galaxy's as well.
  • I swear to GOD, if he swipes at that notification tray ONE MORE time EVERYBODY will get ECLAIR updates (err Downgrades) Posted via the Android Central App
    Via The Galaxy S5 Via 4G LTE Via T-Mobile
  • Aaaahahahahahaha!!!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Oh man right in the Funny! Boom! From My S5
  • After that last fiasco of an update, Samsung has broken my trust.
  • Fake have you seen the gmail app icon its same the old one i think it is some kind of launcher they are using Posted via the Android Central App
  • Or the test device hasn't received the Gmail update.
  • No, it's running lollipop. Posted via the Android Central App
  • dude really?! does it look really like a launcher to you?
  • He's trying hard to hate as much as possible. Posted via the Android Central App
  • He's failing. Boom! From My S5
  • That look like the best Touchwiz I've ever seen
  • That really is not saying much.
  • Lol
  • Wow, totally ruined lollipop with that crappy touchwiz overla . Why don't u just leave the beaitiful ui alone? I'll never buy a phone with an overlay agai .
  • It looks much better with TW
    LOL ugky stock android Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wow! Aren't you in the minority. U new to android?
  • Sorry, he is in the minority around here, but the consumer doesn't give a crap so... I would say you are in the minority. And I agree with him, tw enhances Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • I don't know. I bet it's split here, and 8:1 everywhere else in favor of non-vanilla skins. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I dont know about that. AC tends to do two things, skew against TW at all costs and skew towards Vanilla at all costs. I think that a split is optimistic
  • So you think there are more vanilla heads in these parts, is that what I'm hearing? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah. Look at every poll that references a Nexus. Hell almost any article about any phone but a Nexus and they come out of the woodwork. Moto got to be a prince around here because of vanilla. Nexus is king Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • Everywhere else, people don't know the difference. 8:1 just buy whatever the salesman tells them they should, and have no idea what "stock" android is.
  • No, most people are smarter than that. They get influenced by tv Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • A lot of well informed android heads don't like "plain". I think the vanilla folks are louder at times.. I still think it's closer to a 1:1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • I can see the argument for stock being plain on every version up to and including kit kat. But not anymore. Lollipop is as Good as it gets
  • What real features (AKA bloat) are included in lollipop? I mean sure there are a few adds, but not on the scale of HTC, Samsung, Sony and LG
  • It's gotten on par with power saving and user accounts. Screen tagging is kind if a gimic. Ofcourse OEMs like samsung offer awesome features like multi window and a plethora of other features. But I'm talking more about ths experience here. Much like the argument an IOS user would have. The way you interact with the device, the various fluid, high quality animations, the aesthetics of the UI. It's modern, elegant, and looks great. Het its still android, and you can modify it how ever you see fit. This is why it can't be beaten imo.
  • Not everyone needs those gimmicks, I mean "features" on the Samsung, etc phones. I don't know how I've survived without a fingerprint scanner, heart monitor, s-pen, etc. I recently read that 3 of the biggest battery draining apps that come preinstalled on android phones are Samsung apps. I happen to like the polished, clean look of vanilla versus the childish, blocky look of most UIs Posted via...The One
  • There is a big difference between a app and a feature. You are right that the samsung apps are KILLERS and mostly not necessary. I wish they would go away along with their app store. The apps you are talking about are WatchON (IR Remote), All-share, and ChatON. all should be disabled and replaced if need be and you will get no argument from me. S-Pen, for me, is a necessity. So are several other features. It is one of the beauties of Android, if you do not like/need what a phone has to offer, move onto another OEM. It isnt like you are locked in like Apple.
  • Yeah, Samsung device owners are in the minority? Under what fecking rocks are they finding retards like you pathtologos? Fecking Astroturfers and corporate trolls should be fecking banned from the internet.
  • "Retards"? Bro, where did that come from? You make this shit personal. That's your"argument"? That I'm a "retard"? What are you, 12 years old?
  • You started it with your kindergarten language. Bro.
  • I prefer skins over stock boring ass any day of the week Posted via the Android Central App
  • Exactly, barondebx1. TouchWiz adds tons of features and abilities. Both on hardware and software level. Still trolls just use the name in a weak and childish way to hate on something they probably haven't even ever used, just because the colour theme is slightly different.
  • I know that software aesthetics are subjective. But let's face it man, touchwiz on everything up to and including the s4 and note 3 looks terrible. Juan take 1 look at things like the app icons, settings, notif. Panel, clock, calender, messaging apps, etc. On the S4 and tell me they don't look aweful? Samsung is to blame for not updating their UI earlier. I still think most of they're icons look aweful, but I think they've made great strides in software aesthetics this year. I have the note 4, and I NEVER would have gotten it without Rooting and romming if it came with the note 3's ui.
  • Well, I'm not new to Andorid and I had an Galaxy S3 and actually a Galaxy S5 and yes, I love TouchWiz. I don't like how Andorid uses at all. Samsung with their TouchWiz made me buy an Android phone at all. On other Android devices that I have around (non-samsung) I managed to install TouchWiz as well. ;)
  • Ugky it is, Ugly it is not.
  • If you don't like it then don't buy it... buy a Nexus or a moto if you want stock or close to stock... isn't it great to have a choice!!!
  • Exactly. If you're going to complain constantly about TW, don't buy another Samsung hoping it's gonna get better. Buy what YOU think looks good. After all, it's YOU who is going to have to live with it for a while. Boom! From My S5
  • The people that have stock phones do the most complaining/trolling. They're so underwhelmed with their feature-less phones that they have nothing better to do than talk about other phones. And now they're super excited for material design. Animations. They're pumped because the nexus will have animations that'll go completely unnoticed a couple days after getting the phone..
  • The look is subjective, though I agree with you. My problem is this: Where are the Lollipop animations. I really hope that this is just because it's an early build.
  • Of you don't like the UI, the Google Now Launcher is available. Posted via my Rooted Sprint GS3 FreedomPop(MVNO) (Rooted Sprint LG G2
    (Stock " Contest Won - Sprint Galaxy Note 4/Coming Soon.
    (Stock Hisense Sero 7 Pro
    (Stock Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
    (Stock Tmobile Galaxy Note 3
  • I'd like to have this update - this phone has underwhelmed me since I got it in February, it's one thing after another with weak network connectivity compared to my S3 and even to my old BlackBerry Torch. If I could get this maybe it'd make me able to live more happily with the phone till I can ditch it next August!
  • My galaxy S4 is buttery smooth. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yea right. Nothing about the S4 is buttery unless you're rooted and romed
  • More old stuff floating around and being regurgitated. S4 had issues on launch but we're taken care of not long after. It isn't the sluggish oaf it was then. Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • This is completely true. My S4 used to lag A LOT and that bothered me, now it's very very smooth, all I did was root and install a custom ROM, currently running Omega ROM which is stock based, got rid of ALL Samsung crapware and now I have a very satisfying phone.
  • You rooted and rommed. Not the same as a OTA update to fix bugs Posted via...The One
  • This is true and those of us on Verizon are not fortunate enough to be able to root and rom unless you had MDK on your phone when you got it. Sure there is safestrap but you lose most of your storage and there isn't much to play with on the 16GB after the Os takes what it needs. Unless of course you don't care about tripping Knox then just disregard what I said. Posted via Android Central App
  • My galaxy s4 is smooth as butter as's because you still have candy crush on your phone...along with " grinder" cause your a phaggot I phone Boi user Posted via the Android Central App
  • coolcubandude... When you typed that... Did you stop to read it and ask yourself... "do I sound like an idiot?"
  • Apparently not Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • Ya that's normal to him:) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can they leak lollipop for the Galaxy Tabs? Especially the tab 4 series. Posted via the Android Central App
  • its the same UI, just a bad flat look.. its not even material design.
  • Don't expect to see Material Design in the general UI of manufacturer skins. That's Google's design language; Samsung (and HTC and Sony, etc) wants to have their own.
  • Got that right. I'll stick with my Oneplus one.
  • One plus one...haha don't even compare to a galaxy......that is shitty Chinese build Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hey let them use whatever they want. One less TW complainer/user combo we will have. Boom! From My S5
  • They will still complain event though they havent touched a Samsung phone in two years
  • I'm waiting for my second hand S4, so this just sweetens the deal.
  • Very blah... Samsung didn't even try. Hopefully they plan on adding A LOT MORE Android L influences to that.
  • Couldn't agree more!
  • Nice look! Gs4 is still a viable choice in this market, especially considering price. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's what pretty much sealed the deal for me. The S4 can keep up with all the big boys right now, and the used price was not that bad. Mine will come rooted and ready for a custom ROM.
  • B
    T Posted via the Android Central App
  • Lol...+100000000
  • Yeah but enough about you... We're talking about phones Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • Send all your bloat to nexus hater.
  • Who would that be? Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • And then Stock Android users add tons of apps in order to add features, only to bloat their vanilla phones
  • Features like what? No app can add a fingerprint scanner, IR blaster, etc Posted via...The One
  • Smart stay, knock code, dynamic notifications...stuff like that
  • Moves fast... Can imagine how fast with Nova on top of it Posted via the Android Central App
  • For More updates Visit
  • For More Updates Visit
  • Your blog sucks, stop spamming
  • Fuck off Posted via the Moto X Pure Edition
  • It would be cool to see a manufacturer embrace google's stock Android experience. It would be unique and it would take way fewer resources and less money to support. Updates would also get out much faster. The only negative I see would be it would be easy for a competitor to do the same thing if (or when) the idea took off.
  • Wouldnt that be Motorola? It has not exactly taken off either
  • Unfortunately Samsung can have success doing this due to huge marketing resources. Moto, while making great devices, can't spend enough money to make a dent in anyone's sales.
  • If they made a great all around device they could. Same with HTC, but both fall short Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • Let's face it....a HUGE part of Samsung's success has resulted in they're decision to invest $13 billion in marketing in 2012-13. That's 10 times more than anyone else in the industry during that time. Also, samsung was already huge in the industry prior to their smartphone success, giving they're supply chain a huge competitive advantage. There's much more to it than just this ofcourse. But marketing has been the key to samsung's success. But regardless of they're software, thayve always made GREAT hardware
  • Of course you cannot argue with it being part of the success, but I would not say HUGE. You have to be able to back it up. The fact of the matter is that no other OEM has had a better track record of consistently above average devices that are supported longer than any other OEM in the last two/three years.
  • Most of their market share comes from those low budget prepaid options. I see more of those $200 Samsung phones at grocery stores and on teenagers hands than I do the flagship's. I've seen 1 note 4 so far and 2 galaxy s5s this week alone vs about 10 of their little rink-a-dink $200 prepaid phones. I read in these comments somewhere that your "average consumer does whatever the salesman recommends". Your "average" American, goes by what their budget recommends. Your 50-80 year old crowd really buys those low end devices. Most are on fixed incomes Posted via...The One
  • There's gotta be something about samsung that you see as a negative. Believe me, there's been plenty there in the past. I've never seen you be critical of them in any way. There's gotta be something right ? Perhaps, if nothing else, the fact that they loaded touchwiz with so much crap on the s4 that it significantly decreased it's performance? ( and even with software updates, it's still slower than all other flagships with the SD 600) or maybe smart scroll? Now there's something to be critical of, lol
  • Hey you hit some of my favorite hits right there. I am a coder and while I do not code for Android, but even I know that it was a GIGANTIC pile of crap as far as coding goes. They seem to forgot somewhere along the lines exactly what reusable code is/was and are just now getting back to it. That is why TW is slimmer but retains the features it always had. In addition to that point, it seemed like what Samsung did was assign 2 developers to every feature and they never talked to each other. Once everyone was done, they pieced it together like some kind of Frankenstein monster. That contributed to the lag/poor interoperability. It came to a head on the S4. Yep, I said long ago that smart scroll was anything but smart, smart stay on the other hand can stay. That works well. How about I go another one for ya? The speakers generally suck compared to other OEMs. That one is the BIGGEST thing that I hate about the Note 3. The note 4 is marginally better but I still think it is lacking ALOT. Samsung and their replacement apps and app store. SCREW ALL OF THAT NOISE. The whole thing can burn as far as I am concerned. Tizen? MORE NOISE. very unnecessary noise at that and all it does is spur more friggin replacement apps. Lets not even get into the fact that it is splitting the wearable market where it just doesn't have to be. I can go on but there is no point. I do not think right now that there are, or ever will be a perfect phone/OEM. They all have huge faults but Samsung gets it more right than wrong and provides the best all around experience at this point. The LG G3 is close but underpowering the CPU with that screen is a huge downer and not something that can be overcome with software. HTC and the ULTRAmess is a non-starter unless the camera is the least important thing. Nexus 5 had tons of things wrong and just gets worse. The X has camera and battery issues but is nice. Sony doesn't do the US (until recently) and puts out flagships every other week so I really do not have experience with them (Because of the nature of my work I get to play with most phones release for 1-4 weeks each except Sony. Same with carriers with the exception of AT&T) and cannot speak to how they are.
  • Ya they definately had significant coding errors on the s4. It was somewhat suprising to me with all of the resources that Samsung has. I think they just tried to create the phone that could literally do everything, and market it that way. They say samsung has never seen a feature it could say no to. the lack of optimization is something that many will never get over. They've made excellent improvements this year though. All things considered, I think the note 4 is the best phone ever made, due in large part to the s-pen functionality, camera, display, and SoC/gpu, and software improvements in combination. I think it's the result of multiple efforts to improve both hardware and software, and what they made is definately the best overall in on the market. I only wish that they would overhaul touchwiz to modernize it a bit more. I know why they haven't to the extent that LG has, because of not wanting implement too drastic of a change at once. I'm looking really forward to a lollipop touchwiz combo
  • I have played with the Note 4 but havent pulled the trigger on it yet. I will, in one form or another, but waiting for the Edge to come out to compare it. The price shys me away from it but I have to at least give it a shot. I said somewhere else that you cannot just throw out TW and start over, it has to be an evolution so I am agreeing with you. there. With the S-Pen as well
  • Except that Samsung phones are actualy better than Moto
  • It hasn't taken off??? Moto x 2013 was ac phone if the year last year. The G, E, and Glte from last year sold well. The 2014 g, and 2014 moto x are doing well. The nexus 6 is still built by them and still vanilla android. I used to think you knew what you were talking about, but if it it doesn't meet your guidelines and parameters for a solid phone, it's a failure or scam, when really, outside of your skin, who gives a fuck what you think. No ONE PERSON makes or breaks a company Posted via...The One
  • I didnt say it was a horrible device, I just said it was not a great all around device. The camera was bad, the battery was not all that great either when you take them and compare them to LG, Sony or Samsung. In addition, if you look purely at sales, the Note outsold every phone you mentioned, combined. People are willing to overlook the shortcoming of a phone/company because of price. The Nexus is a perfect example of that. Moto X is not far behind. Both had bad cameras and at the very least the Nexus 5 had horrible battery life but they gain high praise around here because the price was 100s lower than HTC, LG, Sony and Samsung.
  • I'm sorry but I got to say something I have had Samsung lg HTC Sony by far nexus phones are the best you can tweak them to your likeing if you want battery killing features the nexus phone can get them who said the nexus can't get the look away feature or knock knock code or multitasking I've played with all them features plus had full touch wiz since ui moto ui and Sony ui the best thing about nexus is that it can be any phone you want it to be with the features of all you guys kiil me if you don't know about your phone don't talk android is Linux meaning you the user of the phone can do what you will to it if you want a 2 or three day battery out of your phone you can do it I currently have a nexus 5 and my battery last 3 days on one charge what to know how I have a battery case my battery alone last a day and a half you got to know how to use your phone and learn how to get better use out of it down clock your cores to 925 max 325 min use black wallpapers put your phone to sleep more screen on time should be 1 or 2 minutes no face book app use the browser any app you use a lot use the browser just commonsense any phone can have any of these features you all talk about the only thing that can't be done is the heath or fingerprint scanner but who wants to give the gov there identity any way yeah I'm no criminal but that's just creepy your fingerprint is collected and can be used against you if you do something or are associated with someone doing something I'm not to fond of front facing cameras either with no idecation weather someone is watching you at lest on a computer it has a light to tell you its on just saying you guys are arguing about the wrong things if your going to argue argue about having better safety features and security for the system I'm making a privacy ROM that has these features that should be main stream android you can fuss all day but none of them companies have them security features at all iOS is closed at least we the user can make the changes our self's to the phone we like if you like samsung find a way to make your device better your self and share with other people using the same device stop complaining and help out if you can if not be content with your device and its update cycle
  • Not bad but I could do without some of the Lollipop animations and white space.
  • More I see of this L more I like the design of KK. I don't know if I'm gonna upgrade at all. My phone works perfectly fine for now. Plus my SOT is already bad so this All White background is gonna be taxing even more. via AC App on VZW Moto X DE/N7
  • You are on Verizon so don't worry you will not get an update anyway.
  • Honestly, it's so.....meh. buy it's still an improvement on what Samsung has already done this year
  • Has anyone else received lillipop icon upxates on their phones?, i have gotten gmail and music app icon updates and they are the lollipop version icons. Maybe samsung will update very soon to 5.0
  • I highly doubt it. Samsung has kept their icons pretty consistent for the past few years. If you want material design icons then install a launcher like Nova and also install the Moonshine icon pack.
  • Well . Have the GS4 and just yesterday google play gave me an update to my music and gmail icon and its the icon for lollipops version. Also when i get notifications for gmail on the upper left corner its also a new icon.. like layered envelopes.
  • That's Google updating, not Samsung. Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • Yeah, still the lollipop version though :D
  • Google's app updates are typically released in stages depending on region. The entire world doesn't get them at the same time
  • I really hope the GS4 gets this update. I'm actually a little surprised that Samsung would update it, especially since this Rom looks fairly identical to the previews for the GS5. If memory serves, normally when Samsung updates older devices they always look different from their current flagship. I'm normally critical of Samsung but I'm actually pretty impressed with this.
  • Looks same ugly toucwiz ... Can't beleive Samsung are so bad at software.
  • Your right they could be twins /s Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • Looks great. Can't wait
  • I was surprised i got these updates, the whole gmail look changed from the inbox to the icons when you use gmail.. wish there was a way to post a picture of it. I actually like it. Its the gmail update version of lollipop. Its pretty awesome.
  • Why are you surprised, its Google updates from the playstore not a ROM update!? Everyone who has these apps will have the update even if they don't have lollipop ROM.
  • I did mention it was from the playstore, im just surprised cause it looks diffrent compared to the same boring look years before so im sorry im not another bitter user jumping on the "cry me a river" wagon.
  • "Ugly" "bloat" "Samsung didn't try"
    Boy the haters come runnin when they see a Samsung title. I never had a problem with any of my Samsung stuff. Can't stand weak minded people.
    Everyone thinks they should be more like these other OEMs, but they selling more than the rest combined. Oh, I'm sorry. Back to it, trolls
  • I have an S3 and it has been good to me. I just wish I can get Lollipop without rooting. Posted via Android Central App
  • Sir,
    When it will be in India??.......!! I am very badly waiting 4 this update.
  • I'm tired of seeing lollipop on other devices, I want to see it on my nexus 5.. Posted via Android Central App
  • Good to see this is happening and it's also getting the new tw from the s5. The sad thing is though I'm most likely to be on a new phone before my s4 even gets it. Hopefully sammobile leak a early version once all the Kinks are sorted. Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4
  • I'm more interested in seeing what it will be like on the Note 4 and Google's Android Wear.
  • EDIT: Doubled up.
  • It looks like everything from the S4 to the Note 4 are going to be pretty much the same.
  • I actually prefer a stock based ROM. With an aosp ROM my phone was laggy, froze, shut down at times, and the volume was way too low even after applying "fixes", also the camera was shit. So, I'm excited for the touchwiz update to l. I currently use the imperium ROM and my phone is smooth and fast.
  • Well that is primarily because they are using generic drivers and "patchwork" software to make AOSP work. Nothing beats specific drivers for specific hardware. It is why CM can be very buggy and have things not work at all. THis isn't a dig on CM, PA or any other, just a fact
  • Wow I am impressed. I guess Samsung finally pulled themselves together again!
  • I hope this update doesn't wipe out my icons Posted via Android Central App
  • so the video is 2:37 long. The new touchwiz UI is not shown in detail until 1:02 into the video and promptly ends at the 2:00 mark. I would've much preferred to see the UI in more detail during that other wasted time.
  • Id rather samsung concentrated on updating my tab 3 10 from 4.2 ................ Posted via Android Central App
  • I hate touch wiz ... I'm not really seeing the hype of this upgrade
  • Just release the damn thing. HTC used to have this unofficial way of realising updates back when I had the desire S. RUU I think it was. That way only the brave get it but trust me it was bug free. Sammy should just do the same here. Code on it for say 2 months & release whatever you have.
  • yeah they were mostly leaks. I remember when HTC shut down the repository for the RUUs that someone on XDA had out there. They were pretty solid but you know what, I would and mostly did wait for the official release that is relatively bug free.
  • I don't think I'll see this update. Next april my s4 is going into the rubbish bin in favor of a nexus 6. I'm on the subsidy model so it's worth it for me to wait even though I hate my phone. I'll tell you for sure I will never ever subject myself to samsungs bloat and touchwiz again. And they locked the bootloader so I can't get their bug infested horror show off my phone. Anyway I'm trying to talk someone at work out of buying a s4 and into buying a nexus 5. I don't think it's for sure that the s4 will ever see this update. That's an argument against the S4 that I haven't put out there yet. She is trying to save money and it's not smart saving IMO. Isn't samsung on an 18 month support policy? This update is pretty close to 18 months since the s4 came out. And do you really need it? It would be better if they just fixed bugs from their last update. If I use a 3rd party keyboard the cursor jumps randomly if I am deleting bulk amounts of text in the samsung email program, the proximity sensor has issues if I am trying to use the dialer while in a call. Every time I move my finger near the phone the dialer disappears. The dialer doesn't appear if I move my face away from the phone in a call. I am constantly getting a message about my "internet connection being unstable" when no other device has issues with the same wifi. I don't know who is at fault but when I installed the new gmail app on my phone my calendar and contacts stopped syncing. It's fine on my nexus 7. It's fine with mailwise on my s4. I guess that could be google. Anyway you know if they release 5 they will introduce new bugs reapplying all their crap software on top of it. Or how about a christmas present to all s4 owners for living with all the bugs for the last 2 years you give us stock android as an update? I guess that won't happen.
  • These are the features my nexus 5 has if any one would like the ROM I have get in contact with me I have the ROM available for any well known phone the features include... led indicated front camera use weather the user or big brother different colors are indicated... harden text, email, and calls. Advanced DeadCell mode it kills the Mic's and cameras in a meeting or were ever needed... advanced location blocking from FBI NSA CTU I have military grade work in my ROM plus many more features if interested contact me on Xda "EvilGenius" is my screen name "stop complaining and do something if your serious my matto" Nothing in life is free must donate in order to receive the ROM serious security for the security minded people the ROM will get better now that lollipop is some what out now