Screen leak has Samsung Moment getting Eclair tonight, Hero next week

You know how these Android 2.1 updates go -- you'll get it when you get it. But this Sprint screen leaked at XDA Developers points to the Samsung Moment getting Eclair today -- which is growing more and more unlikely as the hours tick by and is contradicted by another screen shot we've seen -- and the HTC Hero getting its upgrade next week, which would explain Best Buy getting ready for it.

It's also noted that both updates will not be over-the-air due to their size (80MB for the Moment and 117MB for the Hero), because Sprint isn't able to handle the hosting requirements (either Google or the manufacturers will have to get that done), and that more than 90 percent of Moments out there don't have software that can handle an OTA update. Boo, indeed.

Anyhoo, we'll see if the Moment update makes it out tonight -- we're not betting on it -- and hold out hope for more news next week. [XDA Developers] Thanks, Adam!

Phil Nickinson