Wear Orbits

Everybody wants to be a hero, well, usually at least. Now there is a game that can let you save the Earth right from your Smartwatch. Wear Orbits on Android Wear is a simple but fun game. Help the Earth to continue trucking along by adjusting your Orbit to avoid other planets, and celestial bodies. It's fun, and a bit addictive as well.

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Wear Orbits screenshot

Wear Orbits is a fun, and simple game that will play out easily on your Smartwatch. When the game load up you'll see a number of planets on circular rings, in orbit around a planet. Your goal is to keep your planet in orbit, without having a collision. To achieve this, you need to jump between the rings of orbit avoiding anything in your path. The controls are simple, tap closer to the middle of the screen to jump inwards a ring or towards the edge of the screen to jump to an outer ring.

For the most part the gameplay is easy to grab onto, tap to move when you need to and avoid collision. It gets a bit trickier as you continue on because the rings will turn red before reversing their direction of orbit. You can also get caught by other planets catching up and overrunning you. There aren't really levels, but your score will increase the longer you stay in orbit. One of the few irritations was the fact that sometimes the game would time out mid-game if waited too long before jumping between the rings of orbit.

Wear Orbits more screenshots

Wear Orbits is a really simple but engaging game. It's available on The Google Play Store for free and it's honestly a real steal. The game is fun, works well, and is fairly unique against the other games on Android Wear. If you're looking for a new fun game to try, this one might catch your eye.