More phones than ever support wireless charging these days as the tech industry does it's best to reduce the number of wires and cords we need to connect to our phones. But wireless charging pads can also be a bit expensive, especially if you're looking to keep one at work and maybe a couple conveniently located around your home for the entire family.

That's where this slick deal from Android Central Digital Offers comes in! For a limited time only you can get a Qi Wireless Charging Pad by NevaTech for just $11. Unlike other wireless charging pads you may have seen before this one is ultra thin with a surface big enough to accommodate nearly any phone.

These come with the specs you'd expect from any charging accessory including built-in charging sensors to prevent your devices from overheating or shorting out, and each comes with a wall charger and USB cable.

Typically these charging pads would cost you at least $22 but you'll save 50% with this deal. So what are you waiting for? If you've got a Qi-compatible phone and have been waiting for a good deal on a wireless charging pad the time is now!

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