Samsung's next smartwatch to be called Galaxy Watch, use Wear OS

Samsung's expected to release a successor to 2016's Gear S3 sometime soon, and thanks to reliable leaker/tipster Ice Universe, we now have a lot more details about what to expect from it.

Most notably, it's reported that the Gear S4 (the name of which will be changed to Galaxy Watch) will be powered by Wear OS, formally called Android Wear. It was said that Samsung was dabbling with Wear OS-powered smartwatches in late-May, but these were then debunked as nothing more than sample devices from Google. However, with Wear OS popping up in the headlines once more, it certainly does seem like the Galaxy Watch could very well use it in favor of Samsung's own Tizen.

In addition to the operating system change, Ice Universe also notes that the Galaxy Watch will come equipped with "new UX interaction." It's unclear how this will be implemented, but it suggests Samsung might replace the rotating bezel navigation we've had since the Gear S2 for something different.

Other reported features include a 470 mAh battery, blood pressure measurement, and a PLP package that'll allow for smaller components inside the watch.

We still aren't entirely sure when the Galaxy Watch will be unveiled, but with IFA and Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 event right around the corner, there's a good chance we could see it announced at either one of them.

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  • Here's hoping the Gear S3 Classic price will drop once they release this!
  • That makes sense... getting rid of the 2 best features (Tizen and rotating bezel). Looks like I won't be upgrading my S2 after all
  • They will likely be ditching Samsung Pay as well, unless they come up with a way to use it in the new watch. I'd like that.
  • This will work with Wear OS if not eventually.
  • I have a hard time believing samsung will drop the one thing that makes them standout in the mobile payment market
  • Odd. My bank accepts Samsung Pay and Apple Pay but not Google Pay lol. Flicked via the BlackBerry keyboard on my Pixel 2
  • Awesome loved wear os compared to tizen, glad they changed over to it.
  • Simply no. Tizen made Wear OS look like pony poop at a pie eating contest.
  • It's not official so nothing has changed.
  • Nope. I would rather have tizen. Guess there is no upgrade in my future.
  • Tizen is way better for a watch
  • Wear OS should unify the Android smartwatch experience. That's, in theory, a very good thing.
  • Wear OS is a bloated pile of garbage.
  • I have 2 current Wear OS watches and I keep going back to my Pebble 2, (Which still works fully surprisingly) It infuriates me how bad the batter life is. Then there is the lag! I really want to love Wear OS but I just can't. Flicked via the BlackBerry keyboard on my Pixel 2
  • @axllebeer Exactly this! I had Android Wear (around three different watches from different manufacturers lol ) and it was a poor experience (for me) compared to my OG Pebble / Pebble Time. Then went Gear S2 then S3 but still yearned for that Pebble battery life. Now sporting a FitBit Ionic, reminds me of my Pebble (well fitBit bought Pebble so I would hope so!) , does what I need and 4+ days of battery life thank you very much!
  • Damn...rumors of losing the rotating bezel if true would be a huge blunder. That is THE best feature of the Gear brand. Love it on my Classic. Tizen may be bare bones and not supported by app developers, but my brief ownership experience with wear os on a huawei watch 2 was hot garbage. went back to gear.
  • As far as I can tell, that's not a's just speculation by the AC writer based on someone else's tweet. It only becomes a rumour if it spreads from here.
  • It'll be interesting to see how this stacks up against the coming release of Google Wear OS watches.
  • The move to Wear OS is because of the larger number of apps available on the Google Play store.
  • Right because the absolute need for apps are extremely needy on a 1.5 inch screen.
  • I just don't buy that. I've had an Android Wear watch, and replaced it with a Frontier Gear S3. And on BOTH, playing games on a tiny1.3 inch screen is not that fun, reading the news is awful, and the thought of browsing the internet on one is futile. The only App Tizen is missing is Google Assistant, everything else important is already built in. PLUS Samsung's SHealth blows Google fit away. I think if Bixby is not as healthy or as viable in the free market as Samsung would like, it might make a certain amount of sense to go with an OS that offers Google Assistant or Alexa. I REALLY miss G.A., I would seriously consider going back to ( changing to?) WearOS when the Gear S3 bites the dust.
  • Guess I'll be holding on to my Gear 3 for a while. Wear OS is a joke. I can't believe the best watch OS caved in to this crap.
  • Just like WP
  • That is the most idiotic statement ever. Congrats.
  • Why? WP was above and beyond both Android and iOS at one time.
  • Don't forget Blackberry and Pebble
  • Boo. Lol. I would like this if I could install apps from the play store. But not feeling a secondary app store and account to manage.
  • I hope they don't give up on Tizen! It's such a clean and useful interface. All it's lacking is Google Assistant and Google Play Music.
  • Unfortunately it will never get either.
  • They really need to hang onto the rotating bezel as it's a great method of user interaction.
  • I really love my Gear S3 classic. I'm okay with the switch to Wear OS. I would switch back to the Pixel phone if the next Gear watch has Wear OS but only if the next Gear watch keeps NFC payments and magnetic strip payments. The MST payments on the Gear S3 are killer. It has saved me so many times when I forgot my wallet.
  • has any company made an android wear watch with a rotating bezel ux? there have been watches with a rotating crown ux but I don't think there have been any with the rotating bezel. maybe samsung means it's bringing a new interaction ux (rotating bezel) to android wear? fingers crossed because I love the ux on my gear sport
  • About time. Tizen was holding it back all this time. Now it can fulfill it's true potential
  • So the highest selling smartwatches outside Apple was held back because if Tizen?
  • Having just Bought a new Gear S3 Frontier watch, I am thrilled to hear that it's going to be the last of its kind! My S3 is great except for the execrable SVoice. I really wanted Google Assistant. Getting rid of the rotating dial is stupid though. It's very handy. Don't much care about Samsung pay, but SHealth is FAR superior to Google Fit in every way that matters.
  • Samsung pay just let me win a free pair of wireless level on headphones
    Just for buying drinks at work
  • I don’t think they will stop making watches running tizen. They may make a wear OS watch like they did in the past but will continue to make their own watches too.
  • Yeah I agree with this. ^^ Flicked via the BlackBerry keyboard on my Pixel 2
  • Formerly, not formally, called Android Wear. Proofread much?
  • Granted know won is perfect. How ever, eye can tell yew based from past articles on AC eye have red (and called out for same), it wood appear knot every thing is proof red.
  • What a dumb move! They should keep tizen
  • And just like that I'm suddenly interested in Samsung's wearables. Looks like it's shaping up to be a good year for Wear OS with the rumored Pixel watches and now this new Samsung watch. Little disappointed to see the possible removal of the rotating bezel as it seemed like a cool feature. But we'll see what it's like once it has been released.
  • I just bought a Samsung Gear Sport yesterday to replace my aging Moto 360. Now, I hear a possibility of a new model. I hope Samsung doesn't get rid of Tizen, or my new shiny watch will become obsolete really fast...
  • I doubt this is true. We'll see though.
  • Tizen. Wear OS is worn out, bloated, convoluted, and simply horrific to use. To each his own though.
  • I'm using the Gear Sport and won't upgrade until a real replacement is available which is waterproof... No matter if its design is like my old Microsoft Band 2 (or even Band 1), it needs killer features like Microsoft did since the beginning and with swimming/diving mode integrated.
  • Please if you going to have any buttons MAKE THEM SMALL!!!
  • The android wear is a complete scrap compared to Tizen on the S3. I have both system (wear on the LG R) and Tizen on the S3. Tizen is more easy, have greater responsivity, the control are more intuitive, the system are more stable. The only problem with Tizen is the lack of google pay.
  • Hey will it work with non Samsung phones
  • What are the hopes of updates on the existing tizen watches if this goes ahead? Not that Gear 3 updates so far have been groundbreakings, but once again it shows Samsung's commitment to software and services. Bada was not enough, I guess. They try to emulate Apple time and again, with 'great' success. I'll stick to their phone hardware cause they manufacture good phones, but that's about it. No investment in any of their services or inhouse software marvels.