Samsung has released a 15-second trailer for the Galaxy S8 in South Korea, showcasing little of the phone itself, a refreshing change in pace from the litany of leaks, rumors, and renders we've seen of the device in recent weeks.

The trailer starts off with a countdown to the number 8, and features a man walking to a door that has the same basic contours of the Galaxy S8. Behind the door lies outer space, replete with rocks whizzing around — a possible reference to the VR prowess of the upcoming flagship. The Galaxy S8 will be the first phone to be powered by Qualcomm's 10nm Snapdragon 835, which has improved VR chops in the form of 15ms motion-to-photon latency and six-degrees-of-freedom for accurate motion tracking.

The trailer ends with the tagline (roughly translated), "Completion and new beginning," which suggests that Samsung is entering a new era with the Galaxy S8. There's certainly a lot at stake following the company's recent woes, and with the phone slated to make its debut on March 29 in New York, we don't have to wait long to find out what's in store.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


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