Samsung is working on an A-Series phone with a pop-up camera

Galaxy A Series Pop Up
Galaxy A Series Pop Up (Image credit: OnLeaks/Pigtou)

What you need to know

  • Samsung is working on a new A-Series phone with a pop-up camera.
  • This is a first for Samsung who had previously relied on hole-punch displays.
  • The firm will also ditch the headphone jack in this model, continuing the trend it started on its flagships.

Samsung is working on an A-Series phone, according to a new leak from OnLeaks (via Pigtou). The mid-range smartphone will come with the same full-screen face design that Samsung's other A-Series units have, albeit adopting a new pop-up style front-facing camera.

It will have a rear fingerprint camera, and it'll be equipped with a triple camera set-up. It's unknown what that would be but likey a variant of the wide-angle, ultra-wide, macro or telephoto lens set-up OEMS have reveled in recently.

Other than that, the phone will have a 6.5-inch display, a single USB Type C port, and no headphone jack. It's unclear when Samsung will release this as supply chains and wallets remain throttled for the near future.

This new A-Series phone would be a first for Samsung. The company has relied on the Infinity O, V, and U style of design for the most part with the exception of the Galaxy A80 and its weird swivel. Even OEMs like OnePlus who used the pop-up camera in the past are moving away from it.

The A-Series remains one of Samsung's most popular and accessible lines when it comes to balancing specs and prices. The company's latest flagships, the Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra didn't do so well in the market — primarily due to sky high-pricing, and it is phones like this upcoming one that meet the customer where their wallets can afford that are more important than ever.

Michael Allison