Samsung sponsorship deal pays off with impromptu presidential selfie

Samsung's sponsorship of Boston Red Sox captain David Ortiz paid off handsomely yesterday as Ortiz, who was visiting the White House at the time, managed to capture of selfie of the presidential sort. Armed with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the will to use it, Ortiz and President Obama smiled for the Samsung camera, and the photographers taking pictures of the picture-in-progress. And that's about the best result Samsung could have hoped for, according to the Boston Globe:

Samsung confirmed that it had helped Ortiz take Tuesday's selfie with President Obama. The mobile provider then promoted the picture on Twitter to the company's 5.2 million followers.

Marketing has been a key part of Samsung's brand strategy. People buy what they know and right now, in Android, people know Samsung. Sure, there have been a few celebrity faux-pas along the way, but there have been monstrous successes like Ellen Degeneres' Oscar selfie, and it's impossible not to chalk this latest endorsement up in the win column as well.

If Samsung gave you a camera, which celebrity selfie would you most want to catch?

Source: Boston Globe

Image Source: Washington Post

Rene Ritchie
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