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Samsung says its Super AMOLED is better than any 'retina display'

Samsung makes all sorts of electronics (including some nice Android phones), but their name is synonymous with screen technology.  That being said, anytime they chime in about screens or displays, we tend to listen. 

"Structurally, IPS LCD technology cannot catch up with AMOLED display technology."

That's what Samsung has to say in response to Apple's claim that their new IPS screen is superior to OLED.  Samsung claims that IPS only offers a 3 percent to 5 percent increase in sharpness, at a cost of 30 percent more power use.  They (Samsung) also claim that the Super AMOLED display on the upcoming Galaxy S will offer better viewing angles and contrast than the upcoming iPhone.

We would love to find out for ourselves, but we still don't have a Galaxy S to play with review.  Samsung, toss us a bone so we can help prove your point! [Korea Herald via Electronista]

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Display is awesome, size is perfect, low weight and thickness. But there are just too many issues. Samsung slow to update, untested UI, no flash, no front camera, no hdmi, tmobile. I have the evo and have been tempted by this phone because the evo pushes the limit on thickness and weight to me. But I can't get over those issues
  • I'll be more than happy with my Galaxy S, and you will be more than happy with your Evo. In the end, +1 for Android.
  • The Tmobile issue is not that bad for me. I left sprint for Tmobile when I got my Nexus and I didnt notice a difference in network reliability. I live outside of DC so that might be why. The Deal Breakers for me on the Galaxy are to LED Flash on the camera and the UI. Well really the UI. I am sure someone could cook up a ROM for this phone.
  • The phone will be on all 4 carriers....not just T-mo from my understanding. Anyway why are we talking about the phone. This is about AMOLED vs higher resolution. I'm waiting for the independent reviews to roll in once people have iPhones in their hands. Of course the iFanboys will swear theres nothing else like it. My coworker is already on that Retinal Display hype. But the pics of it next to an Evo certainly didn't show that its worth any hype and that was with a non AMOLED screen that was turned down and dirty. I'd say well its not fair viewing the pics on a monitor which limits what you can see of the iPhone but you could clearly see the difference between the new and old iPhones. So far I think the reviews on this screen aren't going to be kind when they compare the two.
  • I'd never buy a Samsung phone personally - just for support reasons (slow or non existant updates - their track record seems to be worse than HTC's), but their displays are stunning. My Nexus One's (also a Samsung oled) display makes the current iPhone's look really pale.
  • You can't really bash Samsung that bad just because of the Behold II, the phone didn't sell well at all, most companies stop investing their time in products that don't do well... On the other hand the Samsung Moment from sprint had decently timed updates, so it's not always bad... Samsung is fully invested in the Galaxy S and I'm confident they will give us at least 2 good years of updates and support. Hopefully the phone also becomes popular enough so that we start see a quick easy Root, and some awesome custom ROMs...
  • cue iphone fanbois in 3........2..........1.........
  • Not an Apple fanboy at all (actually a Linux user hoping Android will dominate!) but did anyone click on the link and read the whole article? "The iPhone 4 panel is still considered one of the most advanced displays both for its "invisible pixel" effect and for overcoming most of the perceived drawbacks of LCD, covering a very wide color gamut and touting much wider viewing angles than the often cheap LCDs used in other phones. Samsung's official also omitted well-known drawbacks of AMOLEDs, including their high relative cost and poor visibility outdoors. The Galaxy S may solve this by using a Super AMOLED screen less vulnerable to the effect, but isn't completely immune." Seems like Samsung is blowing a lot of smoke, probably because they have a stake in the sales of their panels and phones. IPS is the best known LCD panel technology right now, and has been for some time. OLED and AMOLED panels are yet to unseat IPS technology. The problem with Samsung is just like when they pushed TN display technology on the computer buying public because of the fast response rates. However, displays using TN technology are far inferior of IPS technology. Now, the vast majority of screens use crappy TN screens and the price of IPS screens hasn't fallen to the same degree, but may have if it had been the more dominant display technology.
  • IPS panels are great, but an LCD, IPS or not, will never be able to provide the nearly perfect blacks that an AMOLED does, and LCD's will always consume more battery. The super AMOLED technology also removes several layers of glass; therefore, tremendously improving the reflexion issues the Nexus One and its cousins shared. Viewing angles are also fantastic because of this reason. Put simply, AMOLED is the future, the iPhone 4's screen might be the best of the past, but like Samsung said, It's no AMOLED. I'm convinced the new iPhone doesn't have an AMOLED simply because Samsung can't provide enough of them at the moment...
  • As far as I can tell, though, the Galaxy S display has the much-criticised PenTile RGBG layout also found on the Nexus One and Desire. That's a major downside for me - I'd rather have the iPhone screen with its proper RGB subpixels. Even if the Galaxy S doesn't have the grey -> pink problem those others do, text surely can't be as sharp as it would be on a true WVGA screen. All I want is a 1GHz Android phone with an RGB WVGA display in the +/- 4" range. Unfortunately, the one phone I can find that meets that description (the Evo 4G) isn't available in the UK and wouldn't work here even if it was. All the other contenders are tainted with PenTile.
  • I think the Acer liquid would be your best bet. Not quite 1GHz, but some people have managed to overclock it. Modders already working on getting froyo running on it. And its really cheap to buy! The screen is quite amazing for such a budget phone!
  • Personally as a photographer I care very much about the color quality of the display. I use an IPS display at my desktop, I also think the iPad has one of the best screens I've ever seen for looking at photos. I've not tried personally, but read that OLED displays have issues with correct color as well as outdoor viewing. I don't know how a display can be much better than the iPad's, if they are just talking about battery life that doesn't seem to be an issue with apple's displays. Actually the Nexus One with oled has pretty bad battery life.
  • Yea! hurry up and give AndroidCentral a Galaxy S already! I've been waiting forever for a good review of this phone! to me it looks like the most promising Android phone this summer... Hummingbird SoC, front camera, the amazing super AMOLED, nice looking UI (hopefully good to use too...), it really looks like Samsung didn't cut corners with this one. The only thing I don't understand is, WHY NO FLASH SAMSUNG!!? WHY!!? such a neat and easy feature to put... but oh well, i can live without the flash.
    For the record, I personally would always choose more battery life, better contrast, and bigger screen size, over an unnecessarily high amount of pixels... Lets wait and see how the compare multitouch-wise as well, I still think the iPhone so far beats any other phone in multitouch response and precision...
  • Apparently Apple looked at AMOLED as a possibility for the screen for the iPhone 4, but one of the main reasons why it wasn't chosen was because the manufacturing capacity of AMOLED in the entire world was only about 60% of what Apple wanted to sell of the iPhone. So it wasn't even feasible for them to begin with.
  • Ithink I need this phone. Hope this comes out soon.
  • They need an AMOLED with such a high resolution as the iPhone 4. What's not to like about a resolution of paper?! Actually I think it's a little higher than most magazines you see, even the good quality print ones i mean. I want a monitor with that ppi! I mean that's what all the resolution-independent stuff in the Vista and above & Leopard and above are all about.
  • @Mithent....It hasnt been proven yet that this phone has a PenTile RGBG layout. I have only seen speculation on a forum. The Super Amoled is king when it comes to touch sensitivity due to the touch sensors being incorporated into the same piece of glass as the display.
  • imo, the rectina display though is crisp on words, it is nowhere near the "beauty" of super amoled. I know beauty is a very objective thing but after looking at both displays face to face at the mobile store, I immediately pick the galaxy s. Because i like the larger screen and most importantly very vibrant images as can be seen on the avatar movie running on it. It is like watching a plasma tv. But when i look at the rectina, I have no feeling that it is a plasma tv class type of display. just my 2 cents worth