Samsung says its Super AMOLED is better than any 'retina display'

Samsung makes all sorts of electronics (including some nice Android phones), but their name is synonymous with screen technology.  That being said, anytime they chime in about screens or displays, we tend to listen. 

"Structurally, IPS LCD technology cannot catch up with AMOLED display technology."

That's what Samsung has to say in response to Apple's claim that their new IPS screen is superior to OLED.  Samsung claims that IPS only offers a 3 percent to 5 percent increase in sharpness, at a cost of 30 percent more power use.  They (Samsung) also claim that the Super AMOLED display on the upcoming Galaxy S will offer better viewing angles and contrast than the upcoming iPhone.

We would love to find out for ourselves, but we still don't have a Galaxy S to play with review.  Samsung, toss us a bone so we can help prove your point! [Korea Herald via Electronista]

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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