Samsung reportedly sells 800,000 Galaxy Gear smartwatches

Despite some functional deficiencies at launch, it seems Samsung has had little trouble selling its Galaxy Gear smartwatch over the past two months. This morning Reuters is reporting that the company has sold 800,000 of the wearable devices since its late September launch — all the more significant as for much of that time it required a Galaxy Note 3 to operate. Initial sales of the device exceeded Samsung's own expectations, according to the report.

Early reviews, including our own, criticized the Gear's compatibility limitations and poor support for non-Samsung apps. Since then Samsung has updated the Galaxy S4, S3 and Note 2 with support for the Gear, and a recent update to the phone-based Gear Manager app allows it to display notifications from any Android app, a feature which was bizarrely absent at launch.

While shifting almost a million units of what remains an accessory for a small number of smartphones is a significant achievement, there've been less enthusiastic signs from buyers at one U.S. store. Best Buy reportedly experienced return rates as high as 30 percent in October, despite a high attachment rate among Note 3 buyers.

Source: Reuters (opens in new tab)

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  • This looks good for the Note 3 seeing they were sold as a combo at first and the Galaxy Gear only worked for the Note 3 at first as well. Bet the Note 3 is over a million in sales. Posted via Android Central App
  • Well the Note 3 no doubt sold more than a million. I'm sure actual sales of the Gear are less then half of what they shipped.
  • I wait for a 150 price point. Then it's mine. Posted via Android Central App
  • By the time it's $150 there'll probably be better smartwatches out. From Google, Apple, or even the 2nd version of the Gear. I'll settle for $200 if it drops to that price for the holidays. Posted via Android Central App
  • Damn Samsung is beasting right now, people would even buy Samsung rocks right now, and Aaron Samsung has sold over 8 millions note 3 so far. Posted via Android Central App
  • Is it ok that I just really don't like Samsung anymore? From their horrifically ugly skin to their unethical marketing tactics, I'm not as thrilled with them as a company I was in the Galaxy S II days. And, yes, I know they don't care and they certainly don't need my help in selling phones...but are there any other Android enthusiasts who share the same sentiments? Posted via Android Central App
  • I hate them as much as I hate Apple. And the sad part is that I don't hate them because of their product (although I know I wouldn't stand Touchwiz for more than 5mn), but because of their fanboys, just like Apple. This is highly irrational, and I don't like thinking that way, but I can't help it in this case.
  • Lol keep hating please!! We love it!
  • How can you hate a company based on the "fans"? I hate apple because if their overpriced crap that you can get better for half the price. Your thinking is just stupid. Posted via Android Central App
  • How can you hate a company based on the "fans"? Maybe it's an image thing. Samsung fans have gotten a bit like Apple fans - buying into the "next big thing" mindset marketing shtick, willing to plunk down their money sight unseen for whatever the company releases next. I wouldn't go so far as saying I hate them because of their fans, but I can definitely understand the sentiment. I dislike them because I think their products are vastly over-hyped and, at the same time, relatively low on the quality scale. Every Samsung phone I've owned has had some combination of hardware and/or software problems - week antennas, poorly functioning GPS, buggy software that never gets updated, etc. And I despise manipulative and dishonest business practices, like how they hired an army of people to post bad reviews of HTC products, and don't tell me this wasn't known within Samsung.
  • I wouldnt say I hate Samsung either, but their fanbois are definitely as blind and obnoxious as Apple's. Not quite as bad as BB fanboi's (though they have a lot of pity working with them too).
  • Are you serious? you slam anyone who doesn't prefer a nexus device. I've seen it in almost every post you comment on. You Nexus "pure Android" fanboys are ridiculous... Posted via Android Central App
  • As soon as a company has success the haters are sure to follow. Samsung is killing it for android as a whole right now and people who don't use it come on a android thread to sh×t on them. Even android users lol !?!?! Sad little hipsters, Go on a blackberry forum. Posted via Android Central App
  • So because it's Android, he can't say the Samsung fanbois are obnoxious?
  • Its "an android..." not "a android..." thank you. Posted via Android Central App
  • U guys are funny. If it's android I love it. No matter the company. U are hating the wrong company for the wrong reasons Posted via Android Central App
  • U guys are funny. If it's android I love it. No matter the company. U are hating the wrong company for the wrong reasons Posted via Android Central App
  • "If it's android I love it."
    "I'm as much of an idiot as any iSheep. Critical thinking frightens me."
  • Do you feel tough being a condescending jerk to people on the Internet or something Posted via Android Central App
  • See? That's what I was talking about :facepalm: Guys I have been using Android since 2009, and I didn't insult the company, just said that I hated the company because of the fanboys (literally you guys here), and that it was stupid because it was highly irrational. Damn fanboys.
  • You must be a fun guy to hang out with. Posted via Android Central App
  • Those fanboys probably hate you too. Posted via Android Central App
  • Keep hating. You will have to hate even more. I am actually starting to like this trend now. You guys keep burning because Samsung has one hit product after another. They will nail the smartwatch market by the time Gear 2/3 is launched. And it would be funny to see all your faces then. Just some facts for you: Samsung holds 33% of all patents for wearable/bendable display. Nobody is going to bypass them soon in this industry.
  • Not enough reason to hate. You can use a good launcher or slap a custom ROM on the device and as for marketing tactics, what's wrong with that? Their devices live up to the hype unlike apple. Sent from the Android 5.0 Milkshake
  • Paying people to spread lies about the competitions products around forums and elsewhere on the internet is pretty sleazy. "Their devices live up to the hype unlike apple."
    I'd disagree with that, but at a fundamental level. I don't think any of the devices on the market live up to the hype put out by their marketing departments, not Samsung, Apple, HTC, anyone.
  • You do have a point tho...
  • Yeah I've been doing Samsung for almost my entire Android stint and I agree. They're good but not what they're hyped to be. But then few things are. I like my phone but two things bother me: 1. Poor LTE/CDMA handoff
    2. Slimy feel I know 2 is Samsung's plastic design fault but 1 might be the carrier or inherent network limitations. I don't know for sure but both are annoying.
  • I don't like them either. In fact, I have more respect for Apple and every other android OEM than I do samsung. I'm not hating on them, I'm glad they are here, as they make companies I actually like make better products, but I personally wouldn't use them myself. As for the fanboys, they are just as annoying as fanboys of anything, including nexus fanboys, apple fanboys, and the like. And before someone says some ignorant comment like "if you hate samsung so much why are you commenting troll" (spelled incorrectly since it's the internet), I'm commenting because a) i agree with this guy and b) because I heard that samsung SHIPPED 800k gears, not SOLD. This article is saying something totally different and wanted to see why. Quite frankly I couldn't care less how much this sold, since I don't have a samsung phone to use it on. Edit: I just remembered that my chrombook is made by samsung lol. I'm in the market for a better one, that is more midrange and less samsung though. But I can't say I don't like any of their products since I do enjoy this chromebook (not because of anything samsung did but still).
  • Technically they are sold the resellers have bought them after all
  • Not if they're on NET30, NET60, or NET90 terms.
  • No, you're cool. Samsung bothers me to no end, right behind Apple. LG is a close 3rd because they're Samsung clones. Then the crapware china shops bother me too (ZTE and those). Basically I like Motorola, HTC even though their software sucks, and Nokia.
  • To say you 'hate' a company is a pretty strong word.
    It's disappointing what Samsung is doing with all their bloat and slow forking of Android, but to hate them for it? That's a bit extreme.
  • But yet u r posting comments regarding a Samsung product. Why even click on the link if u hate Samsung that much. Gimme a break! It's like me going on a apple site bitchin about how much I hate apple... How much sense do that make. Posted via Android Central App
  • Amen ...Exactly what I'm saying Posted via Android Central App
  • "How much sense do that make."
    More sense than your butchery of the language.
    By your logic, anyone who disagrees or dislikes a product shouldn't say so, only folks who love a product should have a say.
  • they're still trying to cross the chasm - The Chasm The Chasm represents a gap between the Early Market and the next phase: the Bowling Alley. It develops when there are few if any remaining visionaries to sell to but pragmatists are not yet ready to adopt. Pragmatists do not see a complete solution to their problem, plus there is no group of references that have formed that they trust. In addition, they want to see the solution working live at customer sites. Revenue growth ceases or even recedes in the Chasm. The length of this market lull is uncertain.
  • ...and 500,000 of them were returned. j/k o no. Posted via Android Central App
  • @ gekko-C'mon man....I need more coffee before that kind of rationale so early. Lol Well said though Posted via Android Central App
  • The reviews of the gear shows it drains battery juice on the Note 3 like mad. Sent from the Android 5.0 Milkshake
  • I have been surprised that the price had not really come down. Sent from my bada$$ Nexus 5
  • The 800,000 is the amount that has been shipped not sold. Only 50000 is reported to have been sold.
  • Yea, that's a rather large oversight on AC's part, though I doubt they'll update the article to reflect reality.
  • Came in here to say the same thing. Everyone else is leading with the correct title but here.
  • Thanks for mentioning that, I was looking in the article for them to specify whether it was shipped or sold.
  • 50000 is for korea only don't fall for Apple insider's fud lol
  • Wrong -- 50,000 is figure only for South Korea. 800,000 is worldwide numbers.
  • That number blows my mind. I'm sure they are including the units shipped with the Note 3 handsets, but dang, that's still a big number. I can't believe that many people would want it. I'd take a Sony smartwatch or Pebble over that pile any day. Posted via Android Central App
  • Don't let it blow your mind, that's the number shipped not sold, that means they may have only sold half of those to consumers, the rest are sitting at best buy warehouse.
  • Half? Try around 50k units.
  • In South Korea alone? Yep
  • Well, I think that Galaxy Gear has the best design out of all the current smartwatches available, so the sells aren't surprising. I'd likely have one if it was compatible with HTC. And it sounds like Gear's recent update greatly improved the device. Also, it's strange reading the hate for Samsung and others. While I'm not currently using a Samsung phone, I'm satisfied with their Chromebook and TVs. I buy products that I like from a variety of electronic manufacturers, even Apple (oh, the horror), so I don't understand the hate unless a device from a particular company has personally been a hassle for the owner. Posted via Android Central App, HTC One
  • I agree with you on the brand name hate. it's just stupid. That said, I still think this device is terrible. Smartwatches are inherently problematic as they require two hands to use and of the smartwatches I've seen, the Gear is by far the weakest offering. It's the bulkiest, least aesthetically pleasing (IMO), most expensive, most restrictive, worst battery life... It's sad that a Kickstarter was able to produce a better watch a year ago than Samsung with all their billions could produce now.
  • The Pebble does seem to be a better watch for most consumers. If Samsung took out the camera, added Google Now support, and a bigger battery then I think the Gear would be a hit. Posted via Android Central App
  • Same. I have a Sharp TV, Vizio Bluray player and laptop, an Acer laptop, an Asus tablet, Samsung phone, Canon cameras, Fuji cameras, a Ford car and a Lincoln SUV. I wear some Nikes, Avias, CATs, and total generics. Some of my clothes are from Walmart and others are from BonTon and wherever. Some of my tools are Harbor Freight and others are Kobalt, Craftsman and even Snap-On. Some auto parts I buy are Motorcraft and others are third party. I've had Goodyear, Michelin, Yokohama, and cheap PepBoys tires. Life would be boring and I'd be an uninformed moron if I only stuck with certain brands.
  • Everything else I've read has pointed out that this is units shipped, not units sold to end users. This is an important distinction and one I'm disappointed was not made in the article.
  • May want to check your sources. Most are reporting only 50,000 sold.
  • By sources you mean apple fansites? Other tech sites corrected their error lol
  • No. Android fan sites:
  • The odds of them selling 300,000 are about the same as you looking like your profile avatar.
  • What does my profile pic have to do anything? Don't believe me? Check the corrected articles y the verge and you can even recheck from the original source where the apple fansites took it namely businesskorea
  • Yes because Angelina fans who use her pic ad profile pics may have some resemblance to her genius! This should apply to other celebrities too
  • Genius? LOL give me a break. Sent from the Android 5.0 Milkshake
  • I don't believe them at all.
  • How many of them were returns? Posted via Android Central App
  • T-Mobile S3 getting it's updatefor support right now, a cool 527MB update.
  • A guy at best buy told me they have about a 70% return rate. Posted via Android Central App
  • Which Bestbuy? I want pick up an open one. With that kind of return rate they gotta be going cheap. Not that I believe that, but I can at least check their open box price.
  • Yup. Hang in there. My guess is January 1 for a crazy price reduction both new and open box.
  • I just don't understand why Verizon didn't offer the Gear for free or at a reduced price when the Note came out. If anyone could do it they could. Bad decision on Verizon's part. Posted via Android Central App
  • Wait what? Why would they? They have no reason to do that, any extra sales they got by that offer would surely be eaten up by offering the watch for free. That's only a bad move by Verizon if you think they owe you free stuff.
  • I never said they owe me free stuff. But it would help sales. The only reason this watch costs so much is because of advertising. And they're obviously doing a terrible job at it. Or else sales would be better. What better way to get sales then by having the largest U.S. carrier selling the watch at a discounted price?? Especially for people who bought a Note 3, which is the most expensive of the two. Posted via Android Central App
  • Rockin the gear with the note 3 and loving it. Posted via Android Central App
  • The Gear is the best looking smartwatch bar that pointless camera, with the recent update its more appealing, but i will wait for the price to fall or maybe by then the Gear 2 will be released hmm. To the rants above your just repeating over and over again the same bs you do on every Samsung sales thread, and its arrogance to think for a second that your opinion means anything lol if it were constructive then perhaps but its mostly idiotic and pointless. Must sit at the computer repeatedly posting on every forum imaginable and stare at the AC app waiting for that moment a Samsung Sales thread appears, like a geek getting excited about the next Starwars Movie. Yeh they will all listen to me and Samsung will be dooomed i say dooooomed lol Last time i will react to the above bs. Oh and no im not a fanboi, before that is mentioned lol Posted via Android Central App
  • Wow that's pretty impressive. I wonder if it's more due to bundling by phone carriers than people actively seeking it out. I myself wanted them both. They do compliment each other. Samsung makes good products. I don't like their current direction. They seem to be trying to lock you into their ecosystem. If the rumors of them wanting to put id chips in accessories for their products so that only those that have the chips work with Samsung products are true, I will unfortunately have to give them the same treatment I give apple, who also makes good products. That is not buy them. Posted via Android Central App
  • I wanted to buy the Gear, but according to the Samsung website, my Galaxy Note II is not compatible. Yet this story says it is. I went and bought a Martian, I find it to work just fine. Appearance is much nicer as it has a leather strap, white face, and silver case. Have had no problems. Both are $299.
  • These are shipments not sales. Rumors leaked that 30% return rate.
  • Just wish the smartwatch would fit on my wrist. I can just get it on but can't move my wrist! If it did fit I would check out all it can and someday will do. Until then I really don't like to read about it... ; ( Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.