Samsung releases Galaxy S III teaser video

Following on from yesterday's teaser site countdown, Samsung has today unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming flagship smartphone, presumed to be the Galaxy S III. The video offers little in the way of new information, mostly showing off a range of galactic imagery, along with the blue and white metallic pebbles we're all familiar with from last week's press invite. And there's the obligatory swipe at Apple near the end (we won't spoil it).

Check past the break for the full video. We'll be live from London on May 3 to bring you all the developments as they happen.


Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • The Sheep, the sheep!! There you go iSheeps, back atcha..
  • Felt like I was watching a Mass Effect trailer until that.
  • Its a funny marketing campaign, what I love the most is the ending with iPhone users lmao
  • The video is in 3D... 3D camera on the SGS3? Couldn't be.
  • That would be huge surprise. I think the blue paint is hinting at how the back of the phone will look. I brushed metal look like the grey Galaxy Tab 10.1 has.
  • Hopefully Samsung saw how the market punished HTC for focusing on 3D instead of HD. Last Sept Samsung promoted how the 4.65" Samsung Galaxy S II HD fit in your hand. With edge to edge displays they should get a larger screen in the same case.
  • How do you see it in 3d?? That video would look awesome in 3d
  • Oh man it was awesome in 3d!
  • Put on 3D glasses and select the 3D option at the bottom of the video
  • Haha awesome!! Bring on May 3rd!!
  • Sheep ending FTW!
  • lol sheep
  • Nice. I had a window open on the site but somehow missed it. Thanks for reposting. What were those sheep queuing for?
  • iSheep.... LOVE IT!
  • uh oh... i smell a lawsuit, there's nothin to sue over but that hasnt stopped apple in the past :/
  • I'm thinking the blue and white "blobs" are a clue to the colors and texture of the finish.
  • I'm thinking the blue and white will be the colors of Jelly Bean (Android 5.0) that will come with this phone :)
  • That's just ludicrous.
  • The blue and white are just the colors of Samsung's logo... I hope so, don't want a blue & white phone.
  • You know, everyone here who's all "lol iSheep, Android rulz" and otherwise acting like a 13-year-old... remember, Samsung is hoping to outsell Apple in smartphones. If you get the Galaxy S III, you're still joining a herd. You'd be more counterculture if you got a BlackBerry or Symbian phone.
  • What do you call a herd of sheep that are fenced? iPhone users What do you call a herd of sheep roaming free in a pasture? The Android Safari Yes I know Apple is going to sue me. I mean, they did invent Sheep, didn't they?
  • Hmm, it seems that I can't give you a 3 star now?
  • Android has its fences too. Maybe a bit further out, but they're certainly there. Pretending that you're limitless on Android just means you've bought into another marketing line. Also, do you actually think independently, or do you trade only on stereotypes others invented for you?
  • Yes, you are right. Marketing it is and I definitely like the stabs. It's all in good fun. iOS and Android are different and each have their own qualities. But you can't not help smiling when you see this kind of advertisement.
  • Shut up you iSheep! Your bleating hurts my ears. Go graze the iCrap fields or break free and join the Freedom Android offers. The choice is yours.
  • They invented sheep AND Safari!
  • At a guess, we're going to be looking at another ergonomic device like the galaxy nexus, there are no less than 4 references to the "it fits" concept and several pieces of imagery that seem to showcase a curved image (a la the lighted portion of the planet). Can't wait until unpacked - have to look and see where I spend my dollars this year - it's either a Galaxy (Next) phone or tablet - coming from an og galaxy tab 10.1 and Epic Touch, I'm all about the best performance ratio for dollar per device - so I'm anxiously waiting to see if it's a new phone or tablet this year :) Slacker
  • I think they are also hinting at NFC functionality. Going to make a big push on their NFC smart tags.
  • The sheep gave me good surprise!
  • I've owned 2 Samsungs, a Nexus and a Charge....I'm more than happy to be an iPhone sheep now.
  • Free to eXplore, with the new Samsung Galaxy X. It seems like it just fits to me. ALSO: The blue and white blobs make it seem as if it'll be a polished ceramic finish.
  • I guess the blue and white represents the well known blue tint on the blank white screen?
  • Lets hope those blobs are hints to the phone and not the visual equivalent of decorative candles :)
  • lmao, I like the assumptions made here from this video by you guy/girls, but the video with the flock of sheep at the end was a funny jab..luv it.
  • Has a MIB 3 feel to it... Wonder if it'll tie into the movie slated to be released end of May?
  • Samsung Galaxy S the III Funny more think different for someone!
  • LOL The end is unbelievable LOL I wish that they make a smaller screen
  • Calling iOS users sheeps, yet they inspired by iPhone designs in same time :p and already planing there iCloud
  • How is Apple an inspiration? Apple copied the idea from Android, Android has had cloud forever, also Apple didn't invent the phone design, the first company to come up with that so called "candy bar" shape was LG, about a year or two before the first iPhone.
    Nice try iSheep.
    The reality is that Apple didn't invent anything. They have a habit of taking what has existed forever and giving it a new name then acting like they invented it.
    They can't even make their own screen, they are hopelessly depended on Samsung to make their screens for them, they also are helplessly dependent on Samsung to make their processors, etc, then they turn around and feed the end product to the horde of iSheep at a very costly premium.
  • 1 or 2 years before iPhone.... wonder much this is old: Also Apple as you may not notice is mainly software company, same as Google and Microsoft, what such company do when they want to produce hardware? they get it from somewhere else, Google phones are not Google at all in hardware, Microsoft Xbox got 0 Microsoft hardware, so what you expect? :p Tablets existed before, what Apple did that caused tablet boom? they made right software for it and guess what Google and Microsoft followed (pissing off desktop users in the way btw). Fact Google had cloud as practicly any service on internet lol, but never marketing it this way, Apple did a specific service attach for there devices, now we got rumors that Samsung doing exact same thing, why? it's easy to guess why. You may call Apple stupid if you want, but they shape this market same as Google, Microsoft and many others do. I'm not Apple fanboy, in fact i'm Galaxy S2 user as well as iPod touch 1Gen user (which is most limited iOS device btw) and i accept existence of both, both have something to offer, i love Android openness but i love Apples UI designs (which MS copy in bare eyes btw there W7 dock is realllly original) but i also love ICS/Honeycomb glidelines too thru it's mess uped right now but thats normal for transition. Fanboys explodes when somebody say something bad about there beloved company, like there device would explode if they don't do it. Fact is Samsung are inspired by iPhone (they not got sued and lose for no reason lol) same as Apple is inspired by Android and vice versa and doing improvemnts along the way (W7 dock brings something new, iOS notfication bar have categories per app) . Thats how world of technology works and everyone benefits, without that it would turn like IE being a browser doing nothing 10 years ago and now people wonders why somebody want to kill Flash, because somebody kicked MS back-parts and moved forward to level that Flash become less needed.
  • Could've sworn LG makes iphone screens...
  • Video is in 3D, it will be released on the 3rd, and it's the 3rd Galaxy S phone. Interesting.
  • I like the sheep in the bottom center, she's really pretty. Anyone know where she lives? She'll probably leave me and take all my stuff, that dirty little...