Samsung releases Captivate and Vibrant source code to developers

Samsung loves open source -- today they have sent out an e-mail to interested developers with a download link to the open portions of the Captivate and Vibrant source code. (see our Captivate review here, and our Vibrant review here) Rather than trying to stifle third-party development, it looks like Samsung is embracing it, and we couldn't be happier.

To most people, this won't mean much. But to developers and ROM cookers this is a huge step and should really get the ball rolling for some amazing stuff.  There's already talk of a change that will drive the benchmark scores up through the roof.  Bring it, I say! [Samsung (opens in new tab) via [BriefMobile] Thanks Scepterr for the update on the Vibrant

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • This is nice news, but I'm still returning my Captivate this weekend. The GPS issues are too much of a pain and none of the fixes have worked at all. And the lack of an LED message indicator is more of an irritation than I'd expected. Back to BlackBerry I go, I suppose, at least until my AT&T contract is up.
  • You're going to kick yourself if Samsung releases an OTA fix next week as rumored.
  • OK, so where do you get these rumors from? I've been trying to find information on any updates to my Vibrant, but have come up with blank.
  • yea where did you get the rumor because i just talk to tmobile tech support and the guy i spoked to did not know when Samsung is going to fix this GPS issue, in fact he said that samsung is known to be slow when it comes to software updates on their devices, i am keeping my fingers crossed this time.
  • Not really. The GPS issue is not my only problem with the device. I like a lot of things about the Captivate, but it just doesn't deliver what I need from a phone. Android itself and even most of Samsung's UI are pretty great, I'll be happy enough with my old 9700 until my contract expires or AT&T releases a more robust Android device.
  • i am also returning my vibrant because the same gps issue, it is driving me crazy, i probably come back and get it when Samsung release the fix..
  • This is great news and I cannot wait to see what will come of this. As for GPS issues, that is weird, I have not had any problems with my Captivate, works faster then my Bold 9000.. HTH,
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  • This almost solidifies it, if my X isn't opened up soon, I'm taking it back, leaving VZW, and finding a more open android platform. :(
  • Seriously? Why would you leave Verizon instead of just trading for an Incredible or waiting for the Fascinate? Really your only mistake was in picking up a Motorola phone. For whatever reason, they seem to want to make them really difficult to root and flash. I suppose T-Mobile is an option if you get coverage but AT&T is terrible about their Android phones.
  • Stupid double post...
  • ...take the droid x back and get the verizon version of the Galaxy S which should be out before september.
  • "There's already talk of a change that will drive the benchmark scores up through the roof. " Ummm- is there a forum thread that talks about THAT?
  • concidering the Galaxy series boasts the top android scores in every benchmark other than the sole benchmark showing JiT compiler scores (from 2.2 enabled phones.. aka the nexus), im all ears about this huge speed increase. Wheres info on that? Also, if your gripe about the phone is the GPS, i wouldnt trade it in. The temp fix works well and fine enough to keep it usable until samsung releases an official patch. While there hasnt been any timeline given, they promised a "quick update". Concidering they intend to sell like 10 million GalaxyS's in its different itteration this year, its a safe bet they are going to give it their full attention. As far as the notifier thing goes, there are different notification options like for it to keep vibrating every so often (by downloading different apps like Handcent and others) for new messages. There is also a "notification app" which basically makes a flashing dot appear on your locked screen if something comes through and u dont notice. I think there was an article on it on this site not a few days back. Instead of getting pissy about it not having something out of the box, realize its Android, and there's an app for that on the market, look for it. You make android YOURS, you dont bend to android like an iphone or BB. The galaxyS series is already the most powerful production phone on the market right now.. what exactly are you looking for, for it to be "more robust"? LOL Maybe if u explained to the android community what it is your missing or need, we could point you to the app that has it. 99% chance that android has an app for it. :)
  • If you've been reading the forums and the other sites, you would know that the "temp fix" doesn't work at all for the vast majority of users.
  • Come on you can't say that you have a heard a rumor about sending benchmark scores through the rough and not give a source i have been scowering xda for the last half an hour
  • Guys, search for Speed Fix on XDA. under the Samsung Capitvate section
    Or mimocan fix. There's even sample score showing it being as fast as the N1 w/2.2, while sthe GS is still on 2.1!
  • I've read that the gps problem has to do with a terrible gps antenna. I don't see how a software update could fix that so I won't be holding my breath. The fix that is being widely tried just helps your phone to use the phone network along with gps to find location. If you download simple apps that use only gps, they won't work at all, atleast on my phone. Try a compass app for example or a "find my gps location" app. Maybe using the phone network to get locations works better in South Korea where the galaxy s is doing well than on AT&T 's US network.