Samsung Max is a new VPN that's replacing Opera Max

A few years back, Opera Max was one of the most popular VPNs designed to help you save as much data as possible while using your phone. The service was discontinued by Opera last August, and now Samsung is digging it out of its grave and relaunching it as Samsung Max.

Similar to Opera Max, Samsung Max will help users cut back on their monthly data usage while also ensuring their online connection is as secure as can be. As such, Samsung Max consists of two primary modes — Data Saving Mode and Privacy Protection Mode.

As the name suggests, Data Saving Mode is all about helping you use less data and potentially save money with your wireless carrier bill. Samsung Max will notify you when it detects applications that are using considerable amounts of data, it can compress images, videos, and music files for lighter web-browsing, and users can choose to automatically block background data from being used by certain apps.

On the other hand, Privacy Protection Mode gives users a one-tap solution that protects them with encryption, tracker blocking, and a DNS mask when using public/unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Samsung Max is being launched as part of Samsung's "Make for India" program, but it'll come preinstalled on Galaxy A and Galaxy J devices in Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam, in addition to India. Users in other countries with Samsung phones can also download Samsung Max through both the Play Store and Samsung's Galaxy Apps.

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Joe Maring

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