These are all the durability tests Samsung runs its Galaxy phones through

Samsung's Galaxy smartphones are among the most popular in the Android space, and as such, Samsung wants to ensure that each device it sells is performing as good as can be. To do this, Galaxy handsets go through a series of different tests and benchmarks before hitting store shelves.

The Samsung Newsroom (Samsung's official blog) recently published a tour of the company's Reliability Test Group over in Suwon, South Korea in which these tests take place. Products are sent here from Samsung's manufacturing sites, including Galaxy S and Note phones. Per Samsung:

More than a dozen tests are required to validate a product. While the number varies from device to device, thousands of models are put to the test before launch. The tests are designed to evaluate how the devices perform during normal day-to-day use and follow a standard based on internationally-certified test criteria.

Samsung highlights seven tests in particular that all set out to do evaluate the following:

  1. Image Quality Lab — Test brightness, color clarity, and image noise of phone cameras.
  2. Acoustic Lab — Phone speakers are tested in two chambers to ensure the best possible sound.
  3. Heat Lab — Heat levels are measured under intensive workloads.
  4. Drop Test Lab — Devices are dropped at various angles and on a variety of surfaces.
  5. Durability Lab — Samsung rolls phones around in a chamber to simulate it falling down a flight of stairs.
  6. Waterproof Lab — The IP rating a phone has received is tested to confirm it holds up.
  7. Environmental Test Lab — Chambers of varying humidity and temperatures show how a phone reacts in different settings.

If you want a closer look at all of this with tons of on-location photos, you can check it all out right here.

Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.