Is the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro waterproof?

Best answer: Yes, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is waterproof. Its 5 ATM rating means it can survive up to 50 meters of water submersion and can be used while swimming.

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The GearFit2 Pro has a 5 ATM waterproof rating

Every waterproof/water-resistant gadget comes with a rating that defines what exactly it can withstand, and with the Gear Fit2 Pro, Samsung outfitted it with a 5 ATM one.

5ATM means that the Fit2 Pro is guaranteed to survive up to 50 meters of non-moving water. This rating is plenty high for taking the Fit2 Pro on a swim, but exposing it to high amounts of water pressure could result in some issues.

In other words, the Fit2 Pro can easily sustain water splashes, being in the shower, light snorkeling, and a few laps at the pool.

This makes it great for swim-tracking

To make sure you get the most out of that 5 ATM rating, the Gear Fit2 Pro comes with the Speedo On swim-tracking app that was designed just for it. With the Speedo On app, you can track all of your swimming stats and then view them in simple, easy-to-read layouts.

A case gives you even more protection

While the Gear Fit2 Pro can handle water just fine on its own, it can still get banged up pretty easily in a fall or drop. To keep it safe against other elements, we recommend picking up a Moretek rugged case.

This case outfits the Gear Fit2 Pro with shock-resistance, keeps it away from dust, and has a high-quality silicone that's incredibly resilient against UV rays.

Take the plunge!

Whether you're a hardcore swimmer or don't want to worry about babying your smart wearable if you get caught out in a rainstorm, the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is an excellent fitness band that offers great waterproofing.

Joe Maring

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