Samsung Galaxy X: What we know so far, in video

Foldable smartphones have been talked about for years, ever since the first foldable OLED prototypes were shown off at trade shows. But it's only recently that they've started to become a reality.

One big name that everyone's expecting to see in this space is Samsung, with its rumored Galaxy X. A name like "Galaxy X" really plays into the old narrative of Samsung as the iPhone copycat. But the rumored name actually predates the iPhone X by more than a year, with the first serious reports bubbling up in early 2016. And even years before that, there was plenty of rumor fuel around the idea of a Samsung phone with a flexible, foldable screen — a device that could fit in your pocket like a phone, and also fold out to provide a more expansive viewing area.

Check out our video feature above to find out what we know so far about what could be a revolutionary new flagship smartphone.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • I believe Apple took that X name from Samsung's Foldable X rumored phone. Was a response to Samsung copying /following and beating Apple to market with the their redesign idea of an all screen and removal of the home button design.
  • I think when Apple was sitting at the table and thinking of a name for the Iphone X...uh 10...they did it this way knowing Samsung had been working on this foldable device a while with that name, and must know or strongly think it will be in production before one of their foldable device is released. They have patent as well. Hence to give the impression that Samsung is just another copy because MOST people don't know. That is also why the whole X..10 thing..We are apple. We make a small change, rename, and put out the best useable tech that the world has ever seen and that is why it cost so much. Oh, disclaimer, we may have to remove features and slow things down a bit because this power is just too much at times. Be sure to check our store for amazing apps and dongles that you will need. We would include some of this for free but again, new tech needs new money even if everyone else has or has had it for a long Now, on the count of 3 you will awake and Follow the shiny apple. 1..2.........3...................and the herd still follow.
  • Nah. They copied Microsoft's name for the Xbox One X.
  • They are really going to call it Samsung X? *eye roll*
  • Personally I hope this folding phone thing falls flat on its face.
  • Exactly. I know Samsung is a leader in tech, but the concept is unfeasible.
  • According to who? You Mr expert???
  • nobody has to be, this is a really stupid idea. It's fun to consider it might be kind of cool but in the real world this would be completely idiotic and I certainly sure as hell wouldn't buy one. we don't need more phone we need Less phone a single screen device is plenty people are addicted enough to that they certainly don't need to get hooked on a dual screen phone and it wouldn't serve much purpose anyway as it would be clumsy and hard to hang on to you and it would be a big ***** session about oh no I broke both my screens now instead of just one LOL I hope this thing fails and never comes to fruition. no one in hell is going to buy it and those that do are probably going to end up wishing they hadn't not to mention it's probably going to cost 1500 bucks or so asinine price if not more
  • I don't even care about feasibility, I just don't want it. I had a folding phone about 20 years ago.... They don't need to come back.
  • Who the hell wants a giant phone with a pen in it? No one is going to have any use for that!!
  • I dunno, I remember when 4 inch phones were the norm and people were scoffing at 5 or 5.5 as unusable devices that would never see adoption. Stranger things have happened lol.
    4 inches, and a pen!
  • Lol!
  • What we know so far: You can use it to pick up girls in coffee shops.
  • Coffee shops? Not the kind of girls I'm looking for. They are way to wired and sober to talk to me.
  • I look forward to this I remember watching in 2013
  • Definitely not look forward to Samsungs concept of a foldable phone but I'm getting tired of having to choose between a small phone and a large phone so when a device comes out the size of a normal phone but has 2 screens that fold out into one
    extra large screen with no gap or black bar down the middle then I'll be happy. Best of both worlds! LG's concept drawings looked right up my street
  • Can we just call it the Galaxy V instead? A V even looks like something being folded.
  • I guess I have no interest in a foldable phone. But, if anyone can pull it off it would be Samsung!
  • I would guess that the "X" naming came from OS X, or maybe even DirectX.
  • no it's the Roman numeral for 10 since the S9 is already about to release so instead of calling it The S10 they're probably just going to call it the SX to compete with apple like they always do and no I'm definitely not a fan of Apple I'm just saying they always compete with apple and apple always competes with them so they'll stick to the Roman numeral 10 instead of the actual number one zero most likely, and from an advertising standpoint it's better for marketing because it's shorter technically and they can do more graphically with it rather than a simple one and a zero
  • I love that Samsung keeps playing the "copy iPhone name game". It must make the isheep so mad. Hahaha.
  • oh give it a rest, the S9 isn't even out yet so anything you say about the S10 isn't going to be remotely real whatsoever and it's over a year away so calm down people let's do one at a time shall we? All it is is clickbait until you have official photos or highly highly recommended leaks from very trustworthy people who have reported leaks properly in the past but this thing is over a year away so anything could happen between now and then so let's focus on the S9 shall we? I don't need any clickbait right now regarding a phone that's over a year and a half away almost. Dumb
  • It's only click bait if you click on it..