Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 currently on sale for $499, keyboard cover just $65

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S3 hasn't been out for long, but there's a big sale on right now across multiple retailers that has dropped its price to $499 (or a tad less in some cases). Amazon, Best Buy, Samsung and more all have the Galaxy Tab S3 for at least $100 off the original price, with Amazon posting the lowest price at $491.22.

Adding to the fun, Samsung has also cut the price of the keyboard cover in half to a far more manageable $65. That means you could pick up the tablet and keyboard for just $556 ... which we have to say is a great deal.

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As one of the only high-end Android tablets that's actually new, many may be taking a look at the Galaxy Tab S3 at this new lower price. At an original price of $729 for the tablet and keyboard it was a tough sell for many, but this may get it down into the range where it's easier to justify picking one up.

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Though the Galaxy Tab S3 isn't perfect, it's a really solid big tablet that offers good hardware, a great screen, some nice tablet software features from Samsung and a respectable keyboard case. We have no idea how long this deal will be around, but considering it's available across so many retailers it seems as though Samsung is trying to make a nice early-summer push with its newest tablet.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.