Samsung Galaxy Tab image leaked, looks fruity

Android tablets have been in the works for a while, and it’s always great to see evidence of that. Pictured here next to the awe-inspiring Galaxy S is Samsung’s newest Android creation – the Galaxy Tab. Although they both have a striking resemblance to certain other “half-eaten fruit” devices, we can assure you that what’s inside is totally different (and much more beautiful, I might add). There are reports that this 7-inch beauty will be running an LCD TFT screen over Samsung’s favored AMOLED, which isn't surprising, given the size of the thing. We can also discern from the leaked image that there is a "phone" icon which insinuates 3G (or 4G) coverage may be available, and that it is also running the TouchWiz interface. Further details aren’t available yet, but more images are supposed to be available soon. [Samsung HubThanks everybody who sent this in!

Adam Sawyer