Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 at the FCC

Good news for everyone waiting for the feature-packed mid-size Galaxy Tab 8.9; it's just made its way through the FCC.  The 8.9 inch model, now known as the GT-P7310 (check out our hands-on) will sport a dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and of course Android 3.x.  Seeing it pass through the FCC testing makes us believe the "early summer" release date is still on track.  Starting at $469 for the 16 GB version, it's bound to be a hit.

You can read all the test results and assorted technical details at the source link, and hit the forums for more discussion.

Source: FCCThanks Emeterio!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Whohoooooo I can't wait. Lol most excited I've been for a Samsung product in a long time. I had a blackjack 2 :-)
  • I need to start putting money aside.
  • Does anyone know if this has the 1.2 Ghz Exynos CPU? (SGSII) I'm also wondering if it's just going to have an LCD like the previous versions of the Galaxy Tab. Did you guys hear that Apple is going to Samsung asking them to make SAMOLED+ screen for the next IPAD? It's really funny because Apple is suing Samsung for "apparently copying the IPhone, IPod Touch and the IPad. They say that it confuses consumers making them think it's an Apple product because they look similar. I would agree that Touchwiz 3.0 looks a little similar to IOS. I can tell though, I'm pretty sure all of us tech geeks can tell an Apple product from a Samsung product lol. Let me know what your guy's opinions are. Thanks, have a good day.
  • From what I know it's using a 1Ghz dual core Tegra 2 processor, but I can not confirm this unfortunately. It would be nice if they used the 1.2 Ghz Exynos CPU, but for some reason I have a feeling they are probably using Tegra 2 processors because of the exclusive games and support for Tegra 2 IMO. I have no idea about the screen though. Interesting that Apple is asking for that, looks like they want their cake and eat it too.
  • I've been really interested in holding out for the 10.1 or 8.9. But with the lack of SD and HDMI and the proprietary plug its starting to feel like a fruit product. Think I might go with tranformer. If I can find one.....
  • Ah, apple! :) they are such comedians!!! LoL "We (Apple) ask Samsung to make parts for us. Why are Samsung's handsets looking similar to "ours"? Could it be... because both are made by Samsung??? Noooo can't be" LoL Yeah, can't wait for the 8.9 to come out! :)
  • But will it have a MicroSD slot? Looks like they've left it out on the 10.1 and I doubt this will have it as well. That kills it for me unfortunately.
  • Yes, the 8.9 will be mine... I can do without and sd or usb for my needs.
  • Not worth it because it has no expandable memory, no USB, and no HDMI connection. what good is Honeycomb 3.1 if you can't connect USB gadgets to this thing such as a digital cam or external hard drive. They just shot themselves in the foot, cause those are features which every other manufacturer is making standard.
  • Everyone except Apples ipad which happens to be #1 and doing really well without those features.
  • Check it if it helps it says microSD expandable to 32GB. USB v2.0.
  • I found the 8.9 3G and 10.1 Wi-Fi for pre-order at The 10.1 on their website is $499 16GB Wi-Fi(Retail $599) and 32GB Wi-Fi $699 (Retail $799). The 8.9 Tab is unlocked it's $699 (Retail $799)
    8.9 : 10.1 (32GB) :
    10.1 (16GB) :