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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (USA) Video First Look!

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Following up our video look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet, we checked out its big brother the full-sized Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The 10.1 was first announced back at Mobile World Congress (see Phil's hands-on), but the 10.1 announced today is destined for US soils and is a little nicer in that it's much thinner. People working at the booth told us this re-engineering move was made to make its thickness more competitive with the Apple iPad 2.

Samsung only had the UK engineering prototypes on hand for us to play with, but we did get a good look at the North American version behind it's glass box, including a few seconds worth of comparison to the iPad 2. Check out the video above for a closer look!

  • wow, love how thin that is.
  • That's definitely NOT what she said!!
  • ^ lol!!
  • Looks like it still has the proprietary port connector on it.
  • will this be running touchwiz 4.0 also? Or stock honeycomb?
  • It's running Touchwiz UX
  • I was hoping on stock honeycomb but I think I'm willing to give touch wiz a try especially on that SWEEEET looking hardware. As long as we can root and add a custom rom, I'll be golden. I love how they added microsd support. That was the one thing keeping me from the tab. If you watch Samsung's event, you can see they are almost mimicking apple which is not a bad thing bases on Apple's tremendous success. The galaxy 10.1 def wins sexiest tablet hands down. I can't even look at the xoom Samsung now has the look and the price to compete at the "magical" $499 sweet spot.Too bad moto took forever to launch the wifi only xoom and are only launching at $599. I know they have stock HC and 32gb but it will be a tough sell withe the competition
  • But by then the Xoom might drop in price, has standard connectors (usb and hdmi), and Samsung has not had the best track record with updates... But it is good that Samsung will release a lower-storage version at a lower price.
  • Bought an iPad 2 just to try out today, and let me say it's extremely boring! I'm opting to take it back and wait for either the samsung tabs or the asus transformer to come out.
  • lol, so the French Guy in the other video was dragging around a engineering device through Paris. Guess this new model would be way more comfortable in the little room. kidding, this device looks fabulous. I hope it gets released before the next announcement......