Samsung Galaxy S8 event: Live from NYC at 11:00 a.m. ET March 29!

The leaks are all over, and we know a lot about the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8+, but there's always more to learn at the official unveiling of any big phone. And when we're talking about Samsung, there's usually a good bit of pageantry involved in the process to keep it interesting as well.

We're on hand to see and you everything that Samsung has to announce at its event in New York City on March 29. It all starts at 11:00 a.m. ET — that's 8:00 a.m. in San Francisco and 4 p.m. in London — so join us then for all of the fun!

Be sure to keep an eye on the Android Central homepage as all of our in-depth Galaxy S8 experiences are published!

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Perfect! I am ready to see this phone a d hopefully pre order it soon here.
  • Over-priced ****. Galaxy S7 edge broke after first drop in a case. Shitdung sheep
  • So stop dropping things, haha . S7 active for you
  • Expensive phones are not for dump people.. 😑😑
  • Ikr hehe well said ^^^
  • Do I have the money for said phone? Why yes, yes I do. So is said phone for me? Why yes, yes it is. Are there dumb people who buy smart phones? Why yes, you may be one of them. Am I a dumb person with a smart phone? No, no I am not. I am an intelligent human being with a broken phone because they build phones like I build card houses.
  • They also make cheap cases for the dumb person in all of us . Your mishap was just that, your bad . You knowingly purchased a glass phone dropped and it cracked. Lots of phones had the same mishap long before the all glass phone. If I had a dollar for all the broke iPhones I see be rich. There's a whole industry born out of broken cell phones ( mostly iPhone)
  • How on earth can you break a smartphone? I get a new one each year and drop them many times. I wonder why mine have never broken. Not only have my phones never broken, but neither have any of the protective coverings I purchased for them have broken either. Strange!
  • How on earth can you break a smartphone? I get a new one each year and drop them many times. I wonder why mine have never broken. Not only have my phones never broken, but neither have any of the protective coverings I purchased for them have broken either. Strange!
  • You know who builds card houses? Mentally challenged people in special hospitals. So are you a dumb person with a smart phone? yes, yes you are.
  • If you paid that much money for a device and then carelessly dropped it, and then proceeded to blame the company, you're the idiot. You're like that meme of the guy riding a bike and shoving a stick in his own spokes and then cursing Samsung for your own idiocy.
  • And my S7 which has been dropped (due to getting bumped by other people) 2 times and is still just as functional as the day I bought it with no broken screen and still looks brand new. No two drops are exactly alike, the drop that broke your Edge may have broken many other phones, who knows. It appears you were just unlucky on how it landed.
  • Exactly most of my workout gym buddies are rocking ether the 6 are 7 edge and to a man non have broken screens. I personally dropped my 7 edge on tiles three time without a case from off the sink . Was it scary hell yea ....but not a scratch I'm I lucky sure, but it helps to have gorilla glass 4
  • You shouldn't drop it in a case, dude... drop it on the floor if you want to test the durability, but a case is pretty soft.
  • My S7 Edge glass back shattered in a case when a plastic kids toy hit between the flash and the camera.
  • Cant wait. Hopefully they're taking pre orders very shortly after.
  • Getting too expensive. Like the PC, time will come when the latest snd greatest will loose it appeal.. They are too breakable as well. It's a phone folks. That's it!
  • Well they are all more than just phones. Your life is in them. Phone is just a feature.
  • Phone? Let me check! Good heavens, it has a phone as well!!!
  • And a car is just garage furniture unless you happen to use it for its other capabilities.
  • For me, it's also: alarm clock, GPS, book reader, email device, camera, camcorder, calendar, game console, music/video player, streaming music/video player, theater/airplane ticket reservation, etc...
  • They're small computers. The prices are justified.
  • Ready!!!
  • As a tech enthusiast, I am so excited for this. I will tune in and watch it all unfold. Rest assured that Samsung will go to great lengths to restore their image and make this their best phone ever. (even though this isn't a Note). This goes beyond any fanboyism I may have of Samsung. This is about tuning in live, and seeing what one of the "Big 3" manufacturers has to offer with their next device. Whether it is Google, Apple or Samsung, I will always watch their major events. Its just fun to me.
  • I enjoy watching the events too. Unfortunately I'm going to be working during the event. It sucks. I've watched most of the past ones.
  • I took vacation·.. gonna watch in my sofa with some cold Coke in my hand
  • Finally the wait is over after all the rumors ,fake news, real news it all comes down to 24 hours on stage real thing . Let's hope the preorders start day of. Get the popcorn out kids
  • In!!!
  • Ooooh... Shiny.
  • Two things I want to know how good is face and iris scanner and of course Bixby, well and the colors that at&t will be getting .
  • I enjoy all the "It's too expensive!" chatter. For years all we heard was, "Get rid of contracts with your provider! Stop paying installments with your provider!" And now that these phones are all being made available full price, we hear about how high the cost is. Pretty sure you can still subsidize payments through your provider instead of paying full price. There are choices available.
  • 90% of the carrier phones are still bought on installment . So most don't make as much a fuse about price as the the folks here on A.C. trust me . You have to wonder why do they bother complaining about something there obviously not gonna buy. Just trying to rain on our parade ignore them. Galaxy phones have never been cheap . My note4 edge was $950 on at&T years ago
  • For me is a lot better to get it on att, i just pay half the price in a year and then get a new one 😃😃 plus i have insurance so is one less concern 😂😂
  • At the end of the day, it's just how each of us decides what's important to us and what is an acceptable amount of money to spend on a device. One could lease a device paying $50 per month (incl. insurance) for a year and get a new one each release day. The only thing they have to worry about is making sure the device is in the specified condition upon return. Also, one would never have to worry about not getting updates outside of 2 years if purchased around launch. On the contrary, if one decides to go for ownership...there is much less pressure to maintain a specific condition. The device can be paid off, unlocked and the owner can jump between carriers, use the device abroad without ATT, sell it online, ROOT, ROM Flash or whatever. However, ownership comes with the expectation that beyond 2 years, the device will no longer receive the latest OS. Good news is that the device will have some value outside of those 2 years.
  • Remember if you don't like the 8 you can get a hot deal on a refurbished Note 7!
  • Better deal is a s7 edge, a phone you can actully buy right now , that's not some pie in the sky dream
  • So what's happening March 30? I've seen YouTube ads, and there's a Sprint page that's teasing the S8 and March 30 here:
  • Most likely they'll open up the preorders
  • The S8 looks good, albeit longer and narrower... however... My VZ Note 5 64GB continues to provide everything I need in a smartphone without having to spend a thousand bucks for a phone, case and new accessories.
    I'm taking advantage of the extended warranty and when the battery continues to degrade... negotiate with VZ for a replacement.
    I'll run the Note 5 as long as it does what it's supposed to do well.
  • Note 5 is a great phone battery life is a little suspect . But I love popping the sim in it every once in a while
  • During the live event they will probably have the phone on a charger, this phone will be dead by noon even with moderate use, and no case will protect edge screens from total breakage during a drop
  • Guess you missed all those battery drain test on YouTube where the s7 edge beat out all the other flagship time after time . Na .....youve seen them just like all of us don't be that guy ...
  • Yes... I fast charge it regularly, have an Anker external battery and car charger. What I've found that is a great asset to the phone... it's the very fast quick charge!
    Have had no issues with charging at all... just the fact that under a huge work load... the battery does degrade, as all the new sealed ones do.
    Hence... replacement via extended warranty! 😏 As many know, the Note 5 is one heck of a solid phone! And the 64GB, ideal!
  • Note5 is still a solid phone, even today. It's more than capable of doing 99% of what most people need. I hesitate on saying 100% because I haven't tested one out with some of the really intensive and demanding games lately. They're reasonably priced too.
  • 99% is really generous considering they went all iPhone-lite with the Note 5 & took away expandable storage.
  • With all the leaks, I can't say I'm excited about tomorrow's event. It's already been unveiled for a while- what's worse is waiting even longer for the release date
  • Please let it have hologram capabilities!
  • The only hologram that matters is the one Quaid had in the original Total Recall. "He's got a holograaaaam!"
  • cant wait i an very enthusiastic to see galaxy s8
  • I've dropped my S7 edge many times hasn't broke yet best phone I ever had!!
  • S8+ is going to be a beast!! No doubt!
  • Magnific smartphone i like
  • Just had a thought, how long do these last as I need to ban my dear Luddite wife from entering my home office during the show :-)
  • AC needs to give one away!
  • They are.
  • And then we wait....;
  • Wish it had front facing speakers. Then I could give up my Moto X Pure.
  • Interested to see it, though I think most everything has been leaked. Probably not going to be for me though, at this point my priorities have shifted more to software than hardware. I hope they improve the camera over the S7, I do not think Apple and Google will be resting on the laurels and Samsung can do better than good enough.
  • Deleted
  • I'm actually quite excited for all the Samsung haters to descend on this event here at AC. I enjoy each year watching everyone trash the newest device that's going to be the best phone on the market more than likely.
  • I was also quite excited when all the haters came out when Pixel was announced and Nexus before that. You have a short memory.
  • How is it that I have a short memory when all I was talking about was Samsung? Should I seriously have mentioned every last phone that's ever been announced?
  • HYPE!!!
  • Got my popcorn an cold drink ready for the show to begin Samsung release the beasts
  • In 5 4 3 2 1
  • So impressive...
  • Ikr a totally different look of where the phone is going man I'm stoked about this new phones
  • Who is this Derek Kessler character? He sure doesn't seem to like being at this event.
  • He's the head of Samsung USA
  • And he works for Android Central and is making snarky comments about everything Samsung unveils?
  • screen burn in scares me away from Samsung phones. My Dad has an S6 edge+ and it has horrible burn can see an outline of the keyboard at all times. I bought a note 4 on ebay and you could see outlines of the google map icons from the previous owner using nav a lot. Just go to the demo booths to see what i mean. Why haven't they made any progress with this? Amoled may look bright and fun but I'll take Super LCD and not have to worry about horrible screen burn-in.
  • I did get screen burn in with my LG V10, but it was never a problem for me on my s7 Edge or Note 7 (in the brief time I owned it).
  • I thought burn-in mainly happens with Amoled displays?? 'Image retention' happens to IPS displays like on LG devices and others.
  • Are all of the phone announcement events like this? I'm looking forward to owning the s8+ but this presentation is boring af.
  • Your not required to watch you know
  • I can't decide whether to buy the s+ now at around $700 with promos, or wait for the unlocked with better processor for $900+. I would like to have the unlocked and better processor but it seems like such a huge jump and price and wait time.