Samsung Galaxy S4 commercial: Some smartphones are smarter than others

Samsung shows off the Galaxy S4's features, pokes more fun at the iPhone in their latest ad

Samsung has a new commercial for the Galaxy S4 out there, and like we saw last year with the Galaxy S3, they aren't afraid to take the fight to Apple about features. In the latest Graduation Pool Party ad, Samsung shows us hands-free features like gestures to answer a call and hovering to read a text, the admittedly awesome camera software and it's "Drama Mode" where a series of images are transmogrified into one really cool picture showing all the action, S-Beam, and the IR blaster capabilities. And at every turn, they are quick to show us that the iPhone can't do any of them.

Samsung really wants Apple's spot in the smartphone food chain. The Galaxy S4 is poised to be the device that can get them there, taking the brand to the level where it's synonymous with the smart phone. For the folks who care about features great and small, it's clearly the current best-in-class device. Advertising can help sell products, but you have to start with a great piece of equipment to begin with, and Samsung has built a phone that people will like and want to buy -- and the ads will let the people know it's available. Hit the break where we've embedded the latest video.

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Pretty good commercial that showed how the Galaxy S4's features can be useful.
  • Idk I just don't see myself using these features . maybe its just me but I feel like it's for stupid ppl, just to keep them entertained
  • I agreed with you until I read "for stupid ppl." Doesn't make sense in any way and is rude at the same time.
  • I wouldn't say it's for stupid people. In all honesty, I appreciate that Samsung made a phone with tons of features whether I'll use them or not. Someone out there will and Samsung knows that. There are going to be a lot of happy people with this device.
  • Definitely a very good commercial explaining and showing great reasons to use the features in the Galaxy S4. Clearly GIMMICKS they are not these are industry leading software features NO OTHER handset or manufacturers bring to market.
  • "Clearly GIMMICKS they are not" Riiight. Smart scroll/pause works all the time and perfectly fine for you then? Even in low light situations? How about Air Gesture? How's that working out for you? Most reviews show these "features" as worthless gimmicks that are more frustrating and time consuming to deal with than just using a finger to scroll or hitting the pause button. Go home fanboy.
  • Maybe it's just me but for like starters, why pay about the same for a phone with features I won't use; when I can have something without the features I just won't use. I mean it's like no brainer there. They save, I do ok cause I didn't need those features and everyone is just fine.
    (Please acknowledge the sarcasm before calling me stupid)
  • I love how you can say "shoot" or "cheese" to take pictures- that is so handy. YOU may consider that a gimmick, but I use it constantly and it just rules. I also love smart rotation where it tracks your face and wont rotate the screen when you lay down. Again, YOU may consider these "worthless gimmicks" but they work for me very well. If you don't like features, then buy a phone without them, but don't knock them...I bet other manufacturers end up stealing some of these features anyway
  • 1. Note how I didn't name the picture taking feature. That actually sounds quite useful.
    2. Also note how I stated "most" of the features, not "all" of them.
    3. Most reviews have stated quite plainly that that smart rotation also (for the most part) sucks. Can't utilize it in low light situations (when you're most likely to use such a feature), and even in daylight, it's spotty at best.
  • Whether you agree or not, Samsung has illustrated how these features ARE useful. Will it be used daily, of course not. What feature is? I like that it is available when I DO need it. Why bash something you're not interested in? I just don't get it. Your argument is only what the reviewers say. The average person is not reading a tech site. I own a nexus 4, note 2 and the s4. I read all of the tech sites. I have an appreciation for adding features that are useful in particular scenarios.
  • You and these "most reviews." "Most" is subjective anyway. I can find as many reviews that say the features work well as you can find otherwise. Why don't you review it yourself and stop relying on other people to decide your tastes for you. I got a feeling you like the car you bought correct, or the clothes you wear or the house or apartment you live in, your job, your hobbies? What if "most reviews" said all those items you hold dear aren't any good. Wouldn't you have a problem with that? Wouldn't you disagree? Ever go to a movie that "most reviews panned, but you loved it? Get my point?
    I assume you're an adult. Do your own research before you comment.
  • I love that feature in my Note 10.1. The fact that I can say cheese after setting it up across the room and take a shot of my whole family with everyone in the shot is very useful. I don't use it everyday but I'm very happy that feature is there.
  • @squidd.....considering this is a thread about the SG4 it's ok to be fanboy here. So, in response to your post I say to you "go home troll"
  • richardyarrell to the rescue again. So, tell us how ONLY the GS4 has IR remote (HTC One has it, and it came out BEFORE the GS4) or a sequence photo shot (HTC One has it, and it came out BEFORE the GS4) or NFC photo sharing (HTC One and many other Android phones have it).
  • Let's see.. The IR remote was there Note 10.1 way before it was in HTC One: Photo sharing? Do you know GS3 had S-Beam? No, it doesn't use NFC to transfer data. NFC is just used to 'pair' the devices. Then WiFi Direct is used for data transfer.
  • Everything you said is correct. But I wasn't trying to say the HTC One was first at doing any of it, just that the SG4 was NOT first nor the only one.
  • Yes, they are the only phone that has make use of BLE or Wi-FI Direct in Android space in such extensive way. Show me another device that can transfer files in 300Mbps.
  • Firstly, being industry-leading or unique does not preclude them from being gimmicks. Secondly, most of these can be found on other phones, making them neither unique or industry-leading. They are just marketed better.
  • My HTC ONE can turn my TV`s and the cable box on and off and changing the channel too.
  • So could my Palm Treo 6 years ago.
  • +1000. My Palm III back in 1998 had IR beam aka IR Blaster/ a stylus aka S-pen! Gotta luv technology ^_^
  • You're an idiot. Those features are great and the commericial showed exactly how they can be used. Maybe you dont have any friends or go out or anything but waving over the screen to answer the call if you have sticky or messy "food" hands is brillant. The girls who viewed the text while putting lotion on their hands...brillant. The list goes on. Go out and make a friend or two.
  • I decided to go with the one after having an S3. But this is a great commercial showing all of the great features of the phone. IMO anything that is showing the public there is so much more and better out there than just Iphones is a great thing IMO!
  • Yeah....I actually like some of the camera features like the drama mode, but i dont really see myself using those other features.
  • I'm an HTC guy but I gotta give props to Samsung. Sucks to be Apple coz they don't have the brains to come up with something to top that. I wonder how long the iPhone name will carry them.
  • Neither does HTC or many of the other OEMs. Apple hasa couple of things going for it though, a lot of money, fans and inertia. They will be fine. The others, I am not too sure about. Samsung isn´t only competing with Apple, it is competing with everyone. They are also building their brand, and not Android per say.
  • Um sorry, but you can't put HTC in that category. They have held top spots for best displays for quite a while, they have the first phone with front stereo speakers, they have a slick interface, first phone with kickstand, first with ultrapixel, first with 3D camera, first EVER Android phone, first Nexus phone, first with 3D display, first with a 4G phone, some seriously attractive designs, first with the Zoe concept, lots of other nice and/or unique stuff. They have had PLENTY of innovation. Stop trying to re-write history (and present). Samsung is the "feature king" for sure and the 800 pound gorilla in the room (they have tons of money, tons of advertising, tons of production capability, lots of other non-phone products)... Many of the "features" are more than a little obtuse, but love the commercial. The GS4 is a great phone and I am sure it will be a hit.
  • I don´t disagree with you. But are you trying to tell me that Apple has never innovated? IF such is the case they we have no business arguing here. And while I agree that HTC has done some nice stuff with the Hardware, so have Apple, they are pretty much on the same front where that is concerned. And dont get me wrong, I find Samsung phones very distasteful (personal opinion) and I am fascinated and have always been fascinated by HTC phones. iPhone cameras have been pretty much the best around up until late, best all round, that is good enough innovation. 3D cameras were gimmicky you know that. Innovation is not just putting stuff in your device and see what works and sticks. It is about putting stuff that works. In terms software, well iOS was revolutionary when it began so that is a major innovation right there, but looks (sleekness) and what not are subjective. i think iOS is due for a refresh, but Apple has done well for itself over the years with software. But the point I was actually trying to make is that Samsung is an ad King, but it is a threat to all competition, but moreso to OEMs other than Apple before it is threat to Apple. Samsung has dominated and overshadowed the Android platform. So before Apple has to top that, HTC would have to first, and so would LG, and BB and the host of other phone makers out there. This is not only about Apple and Samsung, even though that is what the market would lead you to believe.
  • I never said Apple has never innovated. I retorted his HTC drivel, that is all.
  • Well of course Apple have been innovative, but they are not really innovative anymore. It's been the same crap for the past few years. They've brought nothing new to the table.
  • HTC doesn't make anything. Their display's are the product of some other company. HTC uses Samsung Parts which is quite ironic and Samsung display drivers.. really HTC is as talented as a 7 year old computer technician that can build computers from scratch
  • Brilliant, so you can dismiss everything else HTC has done because they chose to have Samsung build their display? Apple did too, by the way...
  • Well, I didn't put HTC up there coz for the last 2 years until a month or two ago, they were kinda not worth mentioning. I personally think HTC's gonna make a comeback with the One. Heck, they're getting my money when I upgrade. Apple is fine I'm sure but for how long? When will people start realizing that there's not much in an iPhone and start to switch? And Samsung will be the main benificiary of that. And about the other OEMs, meh!
  • That's the "Is this the line for apps?" lady.
  • Great commercial. Imore's big story yesterday was ripping on the Samsung commercial that was in Korean explaining the new SGS4. They compared it to the iphone commercial, how freaken lame is that, comparing commercials, and yes the apple commercial was better according to Imore. Wonder if they are going to feature this commercial showing how little innovation has gone into the iphone 5. I have not bought the SGS4 yet but they are the only manufacturer that is doing any innovation as of late. They are killing it. Many say it is just a bunch of trick ponies, I completely disagree, if you incorporate a few of those slick features into your daily routine they work great. It is just getting use to them. Once you use them on a regular basis you will want them all the time. Samsung is the leader in Smartphone innovation.
  • Of course we'll post it! I actually like this commercial quite a bit. Far better than the last Windows Nokia commercial. This is an example of how to do a competitive ad correctly. I'm not a huge fan of the hover feature (breaks Fitts' law), but I like the other ones. (And to be clear, it was a design feature, not a commercial, that we compared, and I think we were really fair.) Samsung, Apple, and HTC all innovate, just in different ways. I like that. It's what helps everyone grow, both in quantity and quality. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Just keeping you on your toes. I read your articles daily and think you do a great job. I bought a iphone 5, 64gb in white just to see what IOS is all about. I will always be a freak about Android, love to hack into a great phone. Even though I hate to admit it you were probably spot on with your break down of the commercials. I hated to say that.
    PS, I noticed the white iPhone 5 doesn't show the scratches and nicks like the black does. I first bought black and when I received it the phone was a mess out of the box, sent it back for the white model and it is in perfect condition. I purchased the phone because of your articles and recommendations.
    Thanks Rene
  • This was actually an entertaining commercial, and I finally see a use for all that hand waving business. Not bad Samsung, not bad at all.
  • I hope these same features are brought over to the Note 3 since that's what I'm planning on getting.
    I'm also looking forward to Apple's next press event for the iPhone to see how they try to one up the S4. It's always good to see companies bring out new ideas to stay on top or stay relevant.
  • I'm not sure if the problem is with Apple (e.g. its refusal to face reality) or if they simply just have enough non-tech-savvy chumps buying iPhones who could care less about the latest bells and whistles. As long as the iPhone continues to generate revenue for "Cupertino, Inc" and the wireless carriers, Jonny Ive will continue pumping out mediocre updates to iOS.
  • I think no matter what Apple comes out with, it's delusional demographic will continue to see it as "magical and revolutionary". Please quote me here saying it: iOS 7 will have something that Android has had for over a year (or more) and you'll hear every Apple sheep talking about how their iPhone has "this". Before I start a flame war, not every Apple user is a sheep. I own an iPad Mini because it suits my needs. I bought it knowing I could get a high-end Android tablet for less money, I just enjoy Apples app ecosystem for tablets. My chick also uses an iPhone 5. She suffers from ADHD and the fact that her reminders and calendar sync easily across all 3 of her Apple devices saves her big time in a college environment. She doesn't use it thinking it's revolutionary. Unfortunately we are the minority. /end rant.
  • it wasn't jony that made the updates it was forstall, now that he is fine and jony has control iOS will get a major revamp trust me. and have you ever thought to consider that many "chumps" are happy with the iPhone? I mean I use my N4 and iPhone 5 daily.
  • What these ads goes to show, which is somewhat sad for us reader here who are more tech-and-spec oriented, is that Samsung understands that the real appeal of Apple was not predicated on 'awesome hardware' or 'gorgeous design' or even 'intuitive interface' but rather "that's cool ... I've gotta have that too!" So stroking the envy of others, is the name of the game. Just Apple, the established one, does it more subtly, while Samsung, as a second-runner, has to do it more brazenly.
  • Someone gets it.
  • Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner. Perfect comment.
  • Most of the features I probably wouldn't use just like on my Note 2 (use the heck out of the s pen though), but I would love to have the remote in my phone. I'd never lose the remote again. If it is truly universal with a playstation app mimic the PS3 remote that would be great.
  • I am using my HTC One as my remote and it`s working perfect.
  • Cool bro, story.
  • Uhh, you do realize that the HTC One has an IR blaster right?
  • "Your's doesn't do that."
  • Amen
  • Great commercial!
  • the new GS4 now with 8GB storage! i mean 16GB er i mean 8GB bah whatever
  • Oh well, you're right.... oh whats that, that was the sound of me clicking my 64gb SD card into my GS4.... Wow, now I have 80gb, I mean 72GB of storage! Can you do that with your HTC One? Ummm NO you cant. See how that works.
  • Yay, with air gestures now we can all be rude pricks who answer their phones at the table!! sigh.
  • @Jerry Hildenbrand Thanks for the exciting post. really enjoying so many people so many words.
  • pulls phone out of pocket, phone answers itself, realise it's not a call you want to pick up...... set back 15 years before caller ID
  • Holy crap, that's a bunch of whining. The commercial isn't about the S4 having unique or revolutionary or innovative features. It's about having features iPhone doesn't! You'd think the people specifically holding up iPhones would be a big hint. In any case, it's smart marketing. HTC and other Android brands could learn a thing or two about marketing from Sammy.
  • amazing. Their marketing and commercial teams are absolutely magnificent. I feel they can even sell shi with there teams.
  • Great commercial, those features especially remote feature I use everyday because I always lose my remote... This time last year we would of been praising Samsung for this commercial but since the new Samsung haters which is ppl who own the HTC one, it's getting downplayed it's really sad to see HTC ppl try to down Samsung it's getting pathetic, it was once us against ios but now ios ppl don't even have to speak because HTC fans took their place smh..
  • Great post. Since when did we as an Android family of devices feel as though we need to bash each other. I have done my share of bashing as well but only in response to the first blow coming from a fan of another device first. I have owned both HTC and Samsung phones....2 Samsung and 4 HTC. Admittedly the 2 Samsungs left a bad taste in my mouth for several years (2 variants of the Instinct, ugh)as my last HTC put a bad taste in my mouth (Evo 3d) and now it is time for me to give Samsung another chance with the SG4. This back and forth about specs and build design coming from both sides really needs to stop. It's all about choice and taste. Just because the SG4 is right for me doesn't mean it's right for you and vise versa. There is SO much truth in that Nokia Lumia 920 commercial it is truly funny and pathetic at the same time. This feud between Android vendor fans and Apple fans really is becoming the laughing stock of well....the world. How about we stop giving Nokia, Balmer (Microsoft) and friends something to laugh at.
  • Girlfriend and I saw the ad last night during a Hulu-fest, and after it was over we had a quick discussion about it... first she said "kind of a long ad to just sit there and try to bash other phones," which I honestly hadn't thought about but she was right. However the biggest issue we both had was that every single one of the amazing new powers that were exclusive to the S4 -- every one -- came off as little more than gimmicks. I'm more of a power user than she is, barely, but that we both picked up on this was interesting. And the ad really shows no reason why someone looking for a new phone that isn't a Samsung fan should look at the S4 as a necessity. There's zero information about it being better in a day-to-day situation (her words: "the gesture answering was interesting. I'd probably use it once."). All in all pretty meh, if not off-putting.
  • The only thing I saw that I would actually use was the air gesture to answer the phone. .... But my phone is always in my hand. So Idk.
  • I didn't like this and as a Nexus 4 and i5 owner.
  • Ok people. I was never a big lover of samsung but I got an s3 to see what all the hype was. And b4 I've had htc's which were all junk and BB and a couple other various phones. Well after having an s3 which is by far the best most innovative phones I've ever used. I will never buy an htc again. Htc one has nothing appealing about it at all. No innovative anything. Just a plain old phone. So after I bought the s3 not too long after the s4 was coming. And knowing what I know now I had to have it so I have it now and all I can say is wow. It is even better than the s3 and every single feature works flawlessly. Forget all these reviews you read. These people are all retards. They don't know how to use the phone. And the commercial doesn't give it justice. I don't use all the features every day but at least they are there to use and I will use them at some point or another. The only phone being compared to the s4 is the htc one as far as quality and features. Really? Are these people just stupid or has htc just paid a ton of money to these people instead of advertising to say its better than the s4. It's not even close people. Name one thing that is better on the htc! Oh let me guess aluminum, front speakers,zoe? So it's aluminum which sucks, the front speakers nobody will use and is worthless and zoe is a joke. Samsung has a list a mile long of features that are innovative and awesome. I will be here all day if I list them all.There is not one advantage to the htc over the s4. There are a ton of the s4 over the htc. And that's why the s4 is selling 10 million to htc's measly 2 million. They aren't even in the same ball park. Apple isn't even on the same planet!
  • i want that blue wallpaper , which shows in the end of the add .. plzz mail me,