Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch kernel source now available

In what may possibly be the fastest turnaround for kernel source code releases from Samsung, the still fresh out of the box Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch kernel source is now available for download via the Samsung Open Source Release Center. This is a good way to start off a release, now developers will be able to jump right into things and start developing some custom kernels for us all and see what limits can be pushed on the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. In order to get the download link, you'll have to search for D710 on the Samsung Open Source Center.

Source: Samsung (opens in new tab)

  • Good on them!
  • Hell yeah. Smartass governor please!!
  • So this kernel does it do anything yet?
  • Wow. Sammy just turned up the heat on other Android OEMs. Take note Motorola, I love your phones but you need more roms!
  • i love corn.
  • Its not the fastest. Samsung has released kernel source before the phone is released. In other news.... Does the Epic 4g have Gingerbread yet... LOL
  • Yea it does, idiot... Two options... Root and install a custom gingerbread ROM or even better, get a SGSIIET4G.
  • Lol OWN3D
  • ok, u kinda got our attention... now samsung, just acknowledge your slow with updates and that you vow to get on par with updates like other phone makers like moto and HTC and you will be number 1! i cant count how many ppl dont want to even get such a amazing phone like the sgs2 just because of the update fiasco with samsung.. many have the epic still running 2.2 and cringe when they see a new samsung phone, and u know what I DONT BLAME THEM. nexus s user here.