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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 official extra battery kit

Samsung's official kit for the Note 4 gives you a spare battery, protective case and external charger

All told, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has pretty good battery life. In our review we found that Samsung's latest could get us through into the night on all but the busiest of days. However, having a removable battery gives Note 4 owners the option to swap in a second cell in busier times.

That's just what the official extra battery kit from Samsung allows you to do, while also giving you a convenient way to charge a battery outside of your device. Effectively, you've got a relatively easy way to double your useful battery life when travelling, and a handy alternative to keeping your phone tethered to a wall when it comes time to charge.

Buy: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit on ($37.95)

Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit

Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit

The Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit comes in three parts. The first is a 3,220mAh Samsung battery, the exact same sort that came bundled with your Note 4. There's also a transparent plastic case for your second battery, which snaps closed to keep it protected from damage while outside your phone. And finally there's the external charging unit, which is furnished in a mix of glossy and white matte plastic. This is what you'll slot your battery into when you want to charge it outside your Note 4. The Note 4 has a fairly hefty battery, of course, and the accessories reflect this, being taller and narrower than you might expect.

The external charger hooks up to a power supply (such as the Note 4's bundled charger) over microUSB, and like the Galaxy S5's external charger, it'll charge the battery at up to 1.7A. You'll need to bring your own microUSB cable and wall charger though, as neither is provided with the kit.

Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit

Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit

Most of the time the Galaxy Note 4's bundled battery will be enough to get you through the day and then some. But there are a couple of big advantages to picking up an extra battery kit like this. Throw it in a bag when you're travelling and you've got yourself at least two days of normal usage away from any power outlets. Even if you're not a heavy user, there's the added convenience of simply swapping in a spare battery at the end of the day, and leaving your depleted one to charge in the external charger.

The official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit is available now from, priced $37.95.

If it's just an official replacement battery you're after without the charger or case, ShopAndroid has that for $27.95.

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  • That's a great deal. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I swap batteries daily with my GS3 and external wall charger. This is going replace my Quick Charge 2.0 purchase. Posted via my Stock Hisense Sero 7 Pro (Rooted Sprint GS3
    (Rooted Sprint LG G2
    (Stock "Contest-Won" Sprint Galaxy Note 4/Coming Soon
    (Stock Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
    (Stock Galaxy Note 3 Tmobile
  • You must love Samsung huh lol? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nope.
    I have a wife.
    If it's not big, cartoonie, and made for non techies, she fusses! Posted via my Stock Hisense Sero 7 Pro (Rooted Sprint GS3
    (Rooted Sprint LG G2
    (Stock "Contest-Won" Sprint Galaxy Note 4/Coming Soon
    (Stock Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
    (Stock Galaxy Note 3 Tmobile
  • Makes you wonder why phone manufacturers don't invest in getting better batteries.... Maybe because selling extra batteries and charging packs is more lucrative The panda has spoken
  • Very few phones have replaceable batteries. So, probably not.
  • How many manufacturer even allow replacement batteries? Better a battery than an entire phone no? And um you must have forgotten that the Note 4 allows for fast charging. Seems progress is being made. Posted via the Android Central App
  • i agree that fast charging is the most significant improvement in battery tech that i can recall, as far as smartphones go. still though, when compared to the leaps and bounds we've seen from processors and screen tech in the same time frame, it's pretty pitiful but it's a step in the right direction.
  • I think the technology is moving forward, just not cheap enough for mass production yet. Posted via the Android Central App
  • the laws of physics and the limits of current technology limit what they can do. not to mention price to keep everything affordable. it's called reality.
  • What is a "better" battery? And what does this article have anything to do with it?
  • Its not just MAh that are important. But there was a review of some mid range Chinese phone a few days back. 5inch screen, not that thick and a 5000MAh battery. Posted via Galaxy ace plus running Speedmod 2.5 with Xposed
  • Possibly they want to have non removable batteries so that once it is time for a new battery it's time for a new phone. Posted via the Android Central App Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yup, built-in obsolescence. :(
  • lol..dumbass!
  • I just wish Samsung would include the little extras with their products, like the charging cable & a freakin' magnet on their $50. S-View Cases! I mean, their accessories certainly aren't cheap! They do make a quality product, but for the premium prices they get, I think they should be included!!
    Posted By The Next Big Thing...Is Mine!!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Breaking news: man wants more for less.
  • head over to MontBlanc's website and look at their cases for the Note 4. you'll soon realize that Samsungs aren't so bad.
  • Best accessories... This on vacation is everything Posted via the Android Central App
  • Cheaper than Amazon $ was cheaper and then they saw it was selling out. Then they up the price! Supply and Demand! Glad price of gas is down! SHHHHH! Dont say that to LOUD? Posted via the Android Central App
  • In Korea we get the whole set with the phone....
    All out of the retail box... that's right we get 2 batteries...
  • Curious, do you pay more? I'm going off memory here, but I thought I read a story some time ago about the Korean models being about 100 USD more than the US variants. posted from an undisclosed device
  • Well, in the ever demanding and enough is never enough world of tech blog comments, I feel they should include a 100mAH non-removable battery so that I can hot swap my primary battery.
  • That's actually a really good idea Posted via the Android Central App
  • That is a pretty sweet notion.
  • couldn't a small watch battery do the same thing? Much smaller and lighter?
  • Not sure it would have the power output to run a smartphone. But I could be wrong.
    But then, if when you yank the primary battery, the phone goes into a kind of sleep state (but still on) then, maybe it would. Of course, once the primary battery is replaced, the phone could resume. This would still be preferable to shutting down and then restarting the phone simply to replace the primary battery.
  • You win idea of the day young man. Posted by my soon to be retired Note 3
  • This is a great deal! For $40, why not? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Stupid question but would this work in the Galaxy Note Edge, since the battery in it looks the same (less mAh I know). Posted via the Android Central App
  • I am also very very Interested in knowing this... I do realize that Samsung is now offering the exact same Extra Battery w/Charger Kit for the Galaxy Note Edge. (Part # EB-KN915 *instead of 910* BWUSTA)... BUT... Are the batteries for the Note 4 and the Note Edge Interchangeable? ( Swappable ) ??? If I initially ordered some Galaxy Note 4 batteries (out of frustration over the price and availability of what was advertised for Note ""EDGE"" Batteries) And have NOT received them in the Mail Yet... Am I going to be extremely Unhappy when they arrive and I find out they do Not Fit in my Phone? Or will they work just fine? Any Help from someone who has already attempted this would be Greatly Appreciated. SlimShadySkip
    Florence, Az
  • I dont understand the market necessary for an extra battery...but can see why the manufactures invest in such a situation. Sorry, i find it hilarious.
  • You haven't ever traveled long distance and found your phone out of power?
  • I have and I use a 10,000mah anker external battery that sits comfortably in cargo pocket not even noticing its there. Plug my moto x in while its in my pocket. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have the x now and love it due to its smaller size.. I don't want to add any heft, and that includes external batteries in pockets. I understand for you this is great because you will never "be without" Posted via the Android Central App
  • That what I used to do before Quick Charge 2.0
  • I used to do just as a means to not have to plug my actual phone to the wall. Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's actually amazing and here is why. I received my Galaxy Note 4 on October 17th. Prior to its arrival there was deal on the extra charging kits from Samsung website. I ordered and received two charging kits for the price of one. At $40. Since October 17th I have not plugged my note 4 into the wall charger at any time. When my battery hits between 15-20%, I switch to one of the two fully charged batteries I carry with me. One on the counter at home and one in the car. I will never be tethered to the wall again. I go from 15% to 100% in less than 20 seconds. Thinking and worrying about battery life is a thing of the past. I highly prefer and recommend this option
  • +100!!! Being able to never tether the phone to a charging source is invaluable! Just swap out for a fresh battery and go. :D
  • Yes, I found the name. It's called "goStrap". I use it on both my e-reader and my phone. It definitely has stopped the dropping problem but probably just as importantly, it has given me back the use of my hand!!! They have a website but you can also get them at The Container Store. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  • With fast charging, I don't feel like having a spare will benefit much. If my phone is out of juice by 6 PM, I plugged it in for 15 minutes and I'm good for the rest of the day.
  • I know this phone JUST came out... Its not like the Accessories people didn't know it was coming. .. But were is the extended battery and oversize case? Maybe a case with a built in wireless charger (HINT HINT). Having an extra battery may be nice, but if you have any sort of protective case on your phone it makes it a real pain in the Butt to have to pull that all off to put in another battery. Personalty I carry around an external pony battery to give the phone a charge in the event I find I've drained that batteries answering those 200 emails while spending 2 hours gun-shipping zombies out of existence
  • I bought 2 on Samsung's site for about $40 total. It's great to be able to carry a couple of spares for those trans-pacific trips.
  • Don't have a note 4 but that's awesome of Samsung. I picked up a g3 and was totally surprised it had a removable battery. Would be cool if LG did the same if they don't already. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Phones like this should come with 5,000 mAh batteries.
  • Starts getting heavy and clunky looking. Huge battery is one reason the Droid Turbo doesn't look too nice. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have one of these .. I love just take 30 seconds out of my day to swap and being back at 100% :).
  • Everywhere that I checked are out of stock, including Android Central and Samsung. Posted via the Android Central App
  • My battery lasts the entire day with normal use. I want this kit for when I'm traveling and can't readily charge the phone. I wouldn't purchase a phone that doesn't allow battery access. Of course, this kit also acts as an external battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Its out of stock!!! I want one so bad. That price is awesome. When will you get more in?? Posted via My Beastly Galaxy Note 4...(T-Mobile)
  • Aww what a cute little electric coffin.
  • Lmao hilarious Posted via the Android Central App
  • Absolutely would not buy a phone that I cannot replace the battery on. Back in July or so Samsung had a commercial targeted at the end of "wall huggers", full of images of folks propped up against a wall with their iPhones teathered to charge. Point of the commercial was that the S5 (coming out at the time) had excellent battery life. I personally would have loved to have seen that commercial featuring people popping in a new batter to replace their depleted one. Don't know why Samsung does not exploit that feature. I looked at a lot of phones which I was buying, the S5 won out simply because I could swap the battery. Fast recycle times are great (my S5 can charge in an hour) but that is still an hour tied to a wall. When I was on a scooter in the middle of Pompei, lost and relying on Google Maps and my GPS to get me home, dead battery and finding a plug to teather was not an option. I put in a fresh battery and went on my happy, "lost (and enjoying it)" way. Non-replaceable batteries I can live with in my tablet. Hell, even laptop batteries are replaceable (but a spare there just isn't necessary). My phone, I expect it to be available 24x7x365, whenever I want, wherever I want. Going out? Oh, battery is dead. Pop one off the wall charger, swap it in, put the depleted one on the charger, and off I go, 100% in 30 seconds. Now that's fast recharge.
  • Ditto! Phones with a sealed/embedded battery are absolute non-starters for me. Here is the Samsung commercial about wall huggers (link below). The part toward the end is priceless; where the guy swaps out the battery in his S5 while the nearby iPhone user (who saw him do it) turns his phone around and looks at the back like, "Why don't I have that option?" :P
  • Galaxy Note 4 External Battery Charger Unit:
    I wonder if we keep the used Battery or leave the Recharged Battery inside the Charger Unit instead of the provided Battery Case, would the Battery discharge please? If not, it would save space.
  • No, the battery doesn't discharge if left in the charger (without it connected to a power source). Myself, I don't use the clear plastic battery case at all. I just leave the spare battery in the charger all the time (normally connected to a power source). When I want to take the spare battery with me, I leave it in the charger which is its own carry case, so if needed I can plug it into my car charger to charge the battery or when at work via a spare wall charger. As such I see no use for the clear plastic case. It's a little smaller than taking the whole charger, but it leaves you without the ability to charge the spare battery (assuming you left the charger at home).
  • When mobile devices adopting the ideals used in my car vehicle then maybe I'll l decide..... I don't have to replace my car battery
  • But your car has an alternator that charges the battery and provides power when the engine is running. There is no equivalent with mobile devices; they're solely dependant on the battery which can only get a charge from an external power source independent of the phone itself. :) Also car batteries do need to be replaced eventually. The average lifespan of a lead acid battery is about 5 years. Good thing they can be replaced though; can you imagine having to replace the whole car when the battery goes? :O
  • This, and expandable storage are why I want this over the Note 5 *obligatory clever comment*
  • Does anyone have any idea if this charger fits the Zero Lemon battery and if it will charge that battery?