The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 official extra battery kit

Samsung's official kit for the Note 4 gives you a spare battery, protective case and external charger

All told, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has pretty good battery life. In our review we found that Samsung's latest could get us through into the night on all but the busiest of days. However, having a removable battery gives Note 4 owners the option to swap in a second cell in busier times.

That's just what the official extra battery kit from Samsung allows you to do, while also giving you a convenient way to charge a battery outside of your device. Effectively, you've got a relatively easy way to double your useful battery life when travelling, and a handy alternative to keeping your phone tethered to a wall when it comes time to charge.

Buy: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit on ($37.95)

Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit

Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit

The Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit comes in three parts. The first is a 3,220mAh Samsung battery, the exact same sort that came bundled with your Note 4. There's also a transparent plastic case for your second battery, which snaps closed to keep it protected from damage while outside your phone. And finally there's the external charging unit, which is furnished in a mix of glossy and white matte plastic. This is what you'll slot your battery into when you want to charge it outside your Note 4. The Note 4 has a fairly hefty battery, of course, and the accessories reflect this, being taller and narrower than you might expect.

The external charger hooks up to a power supply (such as the Note 4's bundled charger) over microUSB, and like the Galaxy S5's external charger, it'll charge the battery at up to 1.7A. You'll need to bring your own microUSB cable and wall charger though, as neither is provided with the kit.

Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit

Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit

Most of the time the Galaxy Note 4's bundled battery will be enough to get you through the day and then some. But there are a couple of big advantages to picking up an extra battery kit like this. Throw it in a bag when you're travelling and you've got yourself at least two days of normal usage away from any power outlets. Even if you're not a heavy user, there's the added convenience of simply swapping in a spare battery at the end of the day, and leaving your depleted one to charge in the external charger.

The official Samsung Galaxy Note 4 extra battery kit is available now from, priced $37.95.

If it's just an official replacement battery you're after without the charger or case, ShopAndroid has that for $27.95.

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