Galaxy Note 4 task switcher

IFA 2014

Samsung's new Galaxy Note 4 introduces new multitasking features, including easy access to windowed mode through a swipe-down gesture and revamped multiwindow capabilities allowing you to run more than one app on-screen. But for Android enthusiasts, the most interesting change might be the move to an Android L-style task-switching menu. Press the Note 4's recents key and you're greeted by a Rolodex-style arrangement similar to what we know is coming in the next version of Google's OS.

There are subtle differences, of course, including the use of buttons in the top-right corner. (And of course the Note 4 is running Android 4.4.4 KitKat, not Android L.) So this isn't quite the same as the stock Android arrangement we've been seeing in the developer preview for the past few months. Nevertheless, it shows Samsung's efforts to get out ahead of the competition with the look and feel of an important flagship device.