Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gets priced on Vodafone Germany

Poking around the Vodafone booth at IFA 2012 in Berlin, some new information appeared regarding the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 2. A price. What we see here is the pricing for the 16GB LTE version, but the non-LTE Note 2 seems to be carrying the same price. 

It's the off contract price that's of particular interest here. That €639.90 price tag translates to £508 or $804 in UK and U.S. pricing respectively. While not necessarily an accurate representation of what the cost may be when the Note 2 makes it to the U.S. it isn't too far off the price we would expect for such a device in the UK. 

Richard Devine
  • Get ready when those poor Americans wake up they're going to cry. How can Samsung charge so much for that phone. Man no way I'd py that much. Maybe $500 but no $800. We Americans are so cheap.
  • Americans are not cheap, just not showing you the real price since no one sells unlocked phones there. Thats normal price for new high-end unlocked phone, you pay exact same that price monthly via contract in US, so there no diffrence.
  • Let me clarify how it can work here in Europe. We could buy that phone for £510 and put in a SIM-only deal for £8 per month and not be locked into a contract - we could change carrier ANY time ANY day, no lock in other than the monthly cost. The first year would be £600. i.e. pay US$750 up front and then only US$12 a month for service - voice, data, text! Total for first year is $910, two years for $1,050, three for $1182 In the USA you'd pay maybe $200 up front and then $50 or more every month, so first year $800, second year $1400, third $2000. And you'd be locked into one carrier, whereas in the UK you'd have a choice of FOUR! At least, that's how it seems to me from my perspective in the UK.
  • The Germany and England prices are going to seem inflated to us because they have VAT taxes in the range of 20% on those items. Remove that 20% VAT and we're talking about $650 in the USA, which is about what we would expect.
  • that's got to be fake. either that or just a lot of typos. 5mp camera and the screen resolution of the original note.
  • lol. Fake at a trade show, hunh? That'd be a first.  It's typos. And not uncommon for trade shows.
  • and it's not as if they confused the front and rear camera specs either.
  • I am not an Apple fan at all but I do prefer when they announce a new device it is available within a week or so. Why do we have to wait months for devices to be release?
  • To build up hype :)
  • Just Lovin my $188.00 Galaxy Note *1* running 4.1.1 JellyBean as we speak :-) And the best part is, Rooted GN1 owners running the current QuincyAT&T Roms will get ALL of the new apps the GN2 will come with in a matter of weeks after its U.S. release.. Just like we got all of the S3's :-)