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Samsung Galaxy Music is official - ICS on a 3-inch display with stereo speakers

Dual-SIM Galaxy Music Duos also confirmed

Following numerous rumors and leaks, Samsung has officially announced the entry-level, music-focused Galaxy Music and Galaxy Music Duos this morning. The Galaxy Music takes the front-facing stereo speaker design seen in certain Samsung tablets and PMPs and incorporates it into a budget smartphone with a 3-inch (QVGA) display.

The device comes in three colors -- silver, blue and yellow -- and runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, backed up by Samsung's TouchWiz Nature UX. The official spec list doesn't mention what's powering the Galaxy Music, but we can presume it'll be a fairly modest single-core affair. In terms of musical prowess, Samsung's plugging the phone's Sound Alive & SRS playback enhancements, as well as support for OGG and FLAC formats and FM radio capabilities.

Also announced today was Galaxy Music Duos, a dual-SIM variant which we'd expect to see targeted at emerging markets. There's no word on pricing or availability for either product, but we'd expect both to be competitively priced.

Source: Samsung

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  • Imagine people blasting music though speakers in the open, especially in crowded trains, people would be pissed for sure.
  • QVGA needs to die. Seriously, are there any apps in the Play Store that are still usable on QVGA?
  • another low end phone. why are they still doing this... they are almost the same prices as the high end phones. just get a Gs3
  • Speakers on the front. Hell yes. When you say "they are almost the same prices as the high end phones", are you trolling, stupid, or magical? Being magical is the only way I can think of to know the price of this phone since Samsung hasn't announced a price yet.
  • All i can say to the people complaining about low end phones and such. Not everyone wants or needs a $700 smart phone.