Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 now in stock at some online retailers

Samsung's 6.3-inch beast goes on sale in the U.S. and UK.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3, one of the brand new phones announced by Samsung in April, is now available and in stock at some online retailers. If you have been waiting for the 6.3-inch device, you're in luck, but it's going to cost you.

Two examples of places where you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3:

Other websites have the Mega 6.3 listed, but it's not in stock just yet. If you need a refresher, on specs, the Galaxy Mega 6.3 comes with a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, an "HD" screen, 1.5GB RAM, 8-megapixel rear-camera and a 1.9MP front-facing camera. 

Who's getting one?

  • Will this work on T-Mobile 4G Network?
  • Yes it will
  • Good to know. Wish it had the S-pen like the Note series.
  • But does the LTE function work? I heard T-mobile is dual band 2100MHz for download and 1700MHz for upload -does it need both to work? Will I only get 3G on towers where T-Mobile has activated 1900MHz 3G/4G?
  • Perfect for the hipster grandma losing her eye sight.
  • LOL...
  • Whoo! That's right!
  • Lol, no arguments, there.
  • 7" is waaaaay too big for me, but 6.3" is just right (apparently) :-) To be fair it's probably significantly smaller than a 7" table because tablets tend to have big bezels, where this looks like a phone.
  • I thought my Note 2 was BIG. Hopefully I'll see oneof these Iis the wild. I won't judge til then, cause people say the Note 2 is too big, but it fits perfect for me. (I have huge hands and ware MEN jeans.)
  • "An HD screen" Surely its A HD screen?
  • Surely not... ^^
    It would be "a high definition screen" but "an HD screen" ;)
  • An is used for vowels ,An apple an injection, where a is used for constinents a house, a fire. You're wrong.
  • Actually, you're wrong. Acronyms don't quite follow the a/an rule when it comes to spelling. You ned to pay attention to pronunciation. While HD is spelled starting with a consonant, the pronunciation "aitch-dee" begins with a vowel sound. "This is an 'aitch-dee' phone". Try saying it out loud and you'll realize that "This is a HD phone" is wrong. As a mirror example, try the U.N. "This is a U.N. meeting". "This is an U.N. meeting".
  • Coming from the U.S you don't pronounce the H in Aaytch Dee so again you're wrong. Its English, Not American you speak.
  • I don't think anyone who wrote those two sentences should be giving anyone grammar lessons. My eight year old niece is a better writer than you are. Not to mention that your first sentence simply doesn't make sense. "you don't pronounce the H in Aaytch Dee"? That makes no sense. Here's a primer.
    "Consonant", not "constinent"
    "It's" is a contraction for "it is", "its" is possessive. A little sloppiness is one thing, but your writing isn't a little sloppy, it's terrible. The use of a/an is not about spelling, it's about the sound of the word.
  • Congrats on having spell check on your laptop/PC I'm sure you feel so good knowing that someone, somewhere is a little bit sloppy with their mobile phone keyboard and checks what they're writing to get their point across. As for your theory... You are still wrong, we pronounce "H" as Hay-tch not Aay-tch so yes, its not a vowel sounding word in our books.
  • Well, as the author is American and the site is primarily (albeit not entirely) American, criticizing him for using American-English is a pretty pauncey move. Are you going to criticize him next if he writes "aluminum" instead of "aluminium"? Here's a tip. The British may have invented the language, but Americans made it our own, as we do so many other things. I don't need spell check to spell "consonants" correctly, though perhaps you should consider enabling yours so that you don't get non-existent words like "constinents" in the future. Again, if you're going to even try to critique someone else's grammar, you better make sure that you're right (which you are not) and that your own grammar and spelling are spot on.
  • What phone do you own? A iPhone perhaps? Or do you own an iPod? I was mearly making Phil aware that his honour was at stake by making a slight error.
  • I carry a Nexus 4, for whatever that has to do with the discussion.
    The article wasn't written by Phil, it was written by Sean Brunett, and he did not make an error. You might want to tell the publishers of your dictionaries that they have it wrong, as all the British dictionaries list pronunciations of /eɪt(aytch). That's assuming you're actually right about British English saying "haytch", which based on the admittedly few I've know, you're not. Every reference to "haytch" that I've found suggest it's non-standard. The BBC even has a policy on it, "haytch" is an acceptable variant, but "aytch" is correct. So, as the saying goes, put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  • Ok, I'm going to be the neutral party here. I live in Belgium and they teach us English "by the book" if you know what I mean. We learn UK English yet we have always learned that in front of a mute "h" you put "an". For me this feels right as well because I've always pronounced it "aaytch". If you do pronounce the "h" in your dialect or whatever though, I think it's pretty normal you would say "a" because then that would sound better. Again I thought "an" was correct English. I've googled it now and on a lot of sites they say it just depends on how you yourself pronounce (or don't pronounce) the "h" :) Guess both parties were right here ;)
  • If you pronounce it "haytch" then sure, you should say "a HD screen". That's because the use of a/an is based on pronunciation, not spelling. But the use of "haytch" is non-standard in the UK and flat out wrong in the US. To correct the author because of a non-standard pronunciation is foolish (to put it politely). I'm looking forward to Richard's letter to the BBC telling them they're saying it wrong.
  • Unfortunately for both parties and non english speakers, there is no "book". The pom was trying to be superior to the yank, but it doesn't matter who is correct as he knew exactly what was being discussed which is not to say grammar is irrelevent just shouldn't be a weapon.
  • I agree. This is the internet, there's no cause to get wound up over grammar... except someone when someone gets wound up over grammar. :)
  • +9000
  • clearly brendilon is the only one who paid any attention in school
  • Try phonic, It helps, then come back and tell me I'm wrong. And please stay off wiki, its just not clever.
  • I would love to know where you learned to read and write so that I can warn others to never go there.
  • Warning noted, lol
  • Not especially; school was boring, I preferred to just read good writers instead.
  • School being "necessary" is subjective. Some of the greatest thinkers and writers either learned outside of schools or taught themselves.
  • "An" is used for words that begin with vowel sounds, not vowel letters. People who don't pronounce the "h" would say "I live in an house" if speaking informally. The Standard British English pronunciation of the name of the letter "h" begins with an "a" sound, but this isn't true in all parts of the British Isles. In Northern Ireland, for example, Catholic schoolkids have long been taught to say "haitch" and the "haitch"/"aitch" difference was often used as a way to find out someone's religious allegiances. If you download an mp3, you might want to play it an LG phone and store it on a USB stick. It's always the sound that matters. When I was at school, we were taught that you should say "an hotel" as the "h" shouldn't be pronounced as the word is of French origin.
  • It's entertaining to watch illiterates argue over grammar. Anyone have an eraser?
  • If it had the S Pen features, I would be all in on this!
  • Come on where does it stop.
  • This thing is just rediculous!!
  • Oh my!!! I'm loving this, but still waiting to see the Note 3, when it comes out in the fall. But, oh, so tempting!
  • Same Here D..:-)
  • Same size as GN2 but bigger screen. Seems like they went out of their way to cripple the specs.
  • I'm a small guy at 5 1/2 feet tall, small hands. I think the note 2 only feels big when you handle it the first time but it's easy to get used to it, I know I got used to it in one day now I can't go to a smaller phone. I have the iphone 5 too but I rarely use it because it feels too small. Only thing I like is that with a smaller phone it's easy to use with one hand, like texting while driving... but that's not a good thing to do. But 6.3 I think will really be too big, but then again, maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it.
  • I tried the Note 2 while holding a Cosi coffee. I had lots of trouble texting with just the one hand because it tended to jiggle in my hand with each key press.....
  • And I thought the Note was big, can u imagine that thing against your ear, lol, I'm having problem putting and removing the S4 in and out of my jean pocket as it is, without having to stand up completely. ( BTW there loose jeans not skinny jeans) lol
  • For reference, this is the same size screen that's on the Wii U Gamepad. But in your pocket.
  • No S pen killed it for me. I'll stick with my Note 2.
  • I am management in a T-mob/ee shop and we just got this in 2 days ago. I love me note 2 but I am really tempted to go for this. I am sure it has the same feature as the note so that you can use the keyboard with one hand (left or right). My only gripe was that when using that feature I found the keyboard too small. On the mega however that problem was solved when I tried it. And since I never use the stylus (as much as I like the novelty) a mega move may be imminent for me.
  • Excuse me Sir, but do you mind me asking how hold you are? The reason I ask is because what you are proposing is just silly as hell. Samsung already stated that this was a midrange device with lower specs aimed at emerging markets. Now you said that you were the manager at your store which basically means that all of your staff and customers are going to be misinformed. I can just hear you now saying aww yeah, it's basically a note 2 without the stylus. But that's another story. Let's get back to the issue at hand, which leads me to a question. Why on earth would you trade a flag ship Note 2 with killer specs, for a device with inferior specs in every single way, that just happens to have a slightly larger screen? Parden me and I don't mean to be insulting but you just sound like a silly ass kid that just traded a brand new hot wheels for an old scratched up one just because it came with a snickers bar. I mean you sound like you're just trying to impress everyone by buying everything that comes out just because it's "new" even to the point of absurdity, which just makes you look stupid. And being the actual manager? That's even worse. Now I'm sorry, but it's only the truth.
  • If it came with a 13 mega pixel I would
  • What will the next name be? Colossal? Super massive? Lol
    When the 4.3 screens started people were making jokes about holding tablets up to your ears. Not to much longer now. Lol
  • Giga. C'mon now, you should know this. :-)
  • You can buy a brand new Note 2 for about the same $. You get the same resolution, better screen (albeit smaller), faster processor, and it's available on every major carrier in the US. Samsung is charging a little too much for this device in my opinion.
  • I am so sick of hearing about holding a phone to your ear.. What backwoods part of the planet are these people from... Bluetooth... Google it.
  • no
  • Ah.. Here is one of the Backwoods people I was just speaking of...
  • Really 6.3 just add .7 inch more and you have the Galaxy Tab 2, I'll pass on this.
  • To all the people complaining about screen size: this phone wasn't meant for you. Truth be told, this phone was meant for markets that can't afford the Note series. The high price (currently offered) is, simply, online retailers taking advantage of the screen size. This phone was meant for developing markets. If you like high-end compact devices, then you're wasting a comment. Nobody here cares, that you don't like the size of the Mega 6.3. Just saying...
  • Speak the truth Sir. I get tired of hearing the size argument too. And they try to make it sound like the Note 2 is so gigantic that you just look ridiculous talking on it. When I use my Note 2, with or without blue tooth, no one has ever Givin me a second glance. I think that Samsung did about the best job ever in making this phone look and feel way smaller than it actually is. In fact, I get more responses when I'm not talking on it, and they are always positive with people saying things like "Wow is that the note 2? Can I see it?" So all of these complaints about the phones size are just media manufactured hype. In the real world no one really cares.
  • I agree, and I'm not sure why that same "media-manufactured hype" still persists, even after the success of the Original Galaxy Note.
  • Note that this is the first Samsung smartphone/android to have the back key on the left. I honestly hope this doesn't continue. The 5.8 unveiled/leaked at the same time, in the same image, had them on the normal sides, which I did find interesting.
  • Funny.. How people that "Don't Want The Phone" because, It's Too Big.. Too Slow.. No S-Pen.. Then.. why in the HELL are you reading this Article???? AND COMMENTING ON IT! Nobody cares what you want.. If you want a Note 2 ( 90 Days before the arrival of the Note 3 ) Then go buy it! Again.. why are you READING & COMMENTING on this article.. We don't give sh!t what YOU want.. this is an article for people that ARE interested in the Mega 6.3.... Get over your Geek Self and move on to the next article.
  • People are allowed to state their point of view. I know that I won't even look at this device (unless it's sniggering at it's size) because of it's size. It certainly doesn't help it with the fact that it's internals are not the greatest. Just going to add: I don't want a Note 2/3 either. I don't need the S-Pen or the extra screen real estate. You should calm down and take a breather.
  • ^^ Agreed.
  • "I know that I won't even look at this device (unless it's sniggering at it's size) because of it's size." "You should calm down and take a breather." There is nothing wrong with stating your opinion. However, for people that are interested in these types of devices, it gets tiresome, to see the exact same people complaining about the exact same "issue": screen/phone size. You can't add anything constructive, to the conversation, by complaining. Your complaint comes across as saying that we shouldn't have the choice, because YOU don't like it. The next time you see a similar article, you should calm down, take a breather, realize that you already stood on your soapbox, and move on.
  • The Galaxy Mega Forum is open at
  • A 6.3 inch screen though? This is getting out of hand.
  • Why is HD in quotes? Wasn't it confirmed it's a 720p TFT LCD? 720p is HD.
  • Will it work on Verizon's 4g LTE?
  • I'm not complaining about the screen size, I'm just curious what the business model looks like to Samsung for providing two flagship devices that compete against each other. You have a dedicated smart phone (Galaxy), a dedicated tablet (Galaxy Tab), and a middle ground device (Note). Providing 18 variations of the smartphone in ever expanding screen size variations just reduces the market segment to the Note (and vice versa). I'm not one to question Samsung's business model, they clearly know what they're doing, but it just seems like they're convoluting their product line-up and creating "too-many" similar options to the customer. Just my $0.02
  • This will make a nice tablet on T-Mobile's $30 prepaid plan. No unavailable software like there is with actual tablets which are also off limits for that plan.