Samsung Galaxy Alpha teardown

A full disassembly of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha gives us a peek under the hood. The most noteworthy aspect of the device's internal hardware is the super-slim 1.4 mm display, which is half the width of the iPhone 6 front panel. This actually makes repairing fairly difficult given how much adhesive Samsung uses. There's also a gasket around the headphone jack, which hints that all-around waterproofing may have been a consideration at some point.

Our review of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha gives the deep dive of how it performs when it's all in one piece. Here are some of Alex's final thoughts on it.

"This is a promising little phone, and I can't wait to use the Galaxy Alpha 2, which will hopefully have ironed out the problems in this first-generation release. Right now, the Alpha is very nearly an awesome smartphone, but ultimately it falls frustratingly short of achieving its true potential."

Be sure to hit the source link for a full tour of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha's internals. How many of you guys are interested in picking up a Galaxy Alpha? Anything from the teardown catch your eye?

Source: iFixit