Samsung Continuum video hands-on

We're still waiting an official announcement from Verizon on the Samsung Continuum. But rest assured, folks, it exists. As you no doubt remember from our previous hands-on with the Continuum, it's an interesting design, with a larger, normal touchscreen up top, and a smaller "Ticker" beneath the usual capacitive buttons.

And the Samsung Continuum's Ticker is where it's at -- quick access to news, weather, scores, time, e-mail, music controls. We've got a brief video of it -- as well as another look at the hardware -- after the break. Enjoy! 

Yeah, um, so the sun killed us here. Happens to the best of us, folks. Apologies!

YouTube link for mobile viewing

  • Look at those deep blacks! Is this super AMOLED or just AMOLED?
  • He was covering up the sensor thing at the top to try to make it the screen show.
  • That doesn't make sense... if the phone thinks the area is dark then it won't need to make the screen as bright. If you set your phone to auto-brightness, it will amp up the screen lighting when it is bright outside.
  • Phil why is your finger covering the top of the phone
  • He wanted to make sure the Ambient Light sensor couldn't work for some reason?
  • I think that's why we couldn't see it his finger was covering it so it thought it was dark and dimmed the screen.
  • it looks fat... wouldn't covering up the light sensor (where your hand is) cause the auto brightness to make the screen dark?
  • He was probably covering a device ID. It's a demo unit and not to be video taped.
  • He couldn't have just put a piece of tape over it? Or set the screen to a constant brightness?
  • Hmmm, same black metal table, same awkward method of holding the phone as the Merge...who do you know and how can I get a phone early?
  • Another oblong strange looking device. First the Droid X now this?
  • Its a Dev phone thats why your hand it there
  • I'm not a huge fan of Touchwiz but I really have to give Samsung props for trying something different. Along with Motorola they are giving the world some interesting choices. I'm an HTC type of guy, but I do wish they'd throw something wild out there every now and then.
  • i love the slider screen, i would love to see it on a droid phone.
  • How are you getting all these crazy videos of unannounced and barely rumored Verizon phones? I feel like you guys are going to get somebody in big trouble...
  • Wish it were on AT&T :(
  • I have an epic 4g and whether he was hiding an id tag or just clueless, he was most definitely covering the ambient light sensor with his finger the whole time. Don't think for a second that this super amoled screen looks remotely this bad in direct sunlight. He kept acting clueless as to why it was so dark which I'm amazed at for somebody who does this for a living. The Super Amoled looks "ok" to "good" in bright sunlight. I'm not about to say its a Kindle or something, but it is functional. It looks deadly good in virtually all other lighting conditions though. Combine that screen with the awesome smooth fingerprint free gorilla glass samsung uses and it's a sweet screen experience. Can't way for 2.2 to hit the epic though.
  • I second that notion with the brightness all the way up superamoled is viewable outdoors in direct sunlight. Ive tested it myself but the finger smudges can cause a problem but its a lot brighter then in this video
  • nice colors, great job Phil.