Galaxy Note 7

In separate interviews, Samsung's mobile chief DJ Koh has revealed the first on-the-record information about firm's next two major smartphone launches. The Galaxy S8 will skip Mobile World Congress at the end of February, as widely rumored, while the Galaxy Note 8 will arrive later this year. The latter point should nip in the bud speculation that Samsung would kill off the Note series after last year's unpleasantness.

It's official: The Note brand will live on.

Speaking to CNET ahead of last night's Galaxy Note 7 investigation announcements, Koh directly addressed the fate of the Note series.

"I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8," he said, adding 'We found through the investigative process, we knew there are lots and lots of loyal Note customers."

Koh's remarks show Samsung belief that there's still an audience for the Note as a product, but also that the brand itself still holds value, even after battery fires and two bungled recalls.

DJ Koh

DJ Koh also sat down with Reuters to talk Note 7, and reportedly confirmed that the Galaxy S8 would not be coming at Mobile World Congress in late February. That trade show has been the launch platform for the past two generations of Galaxy S phones, though recent rumors have pointed to an April arrival instead.

As for exactly when we can expect Samsung's next big thing, Samsung isn't saying. But in an interview with Android Central, coming later today, Paul Brannen, EVP of Mobile Solutions for Samsung Canada, hinted at new phones coming within three months.

"If I look at the fourth quarter, we had one of our best fourth quarters in many years," Brannen told AC Managing Editor Daniel Bader, "The S7 and S7 edge are still incredibly popular products in the marketplace, and as we add new products to the portfolio in the next 90 days, we'll continue to build on that momentum."