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Froyo leaked for the Samsung Captivate

Want Froyo on the Samsung Captivate and can't wait any longer? A leaked build has emerged tonight. We've plopped it on our Captivate and are giving it the what-for. In the meantime, if you don't mind a little hackery, you can give it a go, too. Instructions are simple as as follow:

  • Download the leaked file I897UCJI6-OCD-REV02-Low-designgears.exe (hit the source link at the end of this post).
  • Turn off your Captivate.
  • Launch the I897UCJI6-OCD-REV02-Low-designgears.exe file you just downloaded.
  • Hold down the volume buttons and plug in your Captivate.
  • Hit "Start" on the Odin program. Sit back and relax.

It's that simple, folks. As always, you're taking things into your own hands here, so no blaming anybody if this turns out to not be the final Froyo build. Good luck, happy flashing, and let us know how it went in the Android Central Captivate Forums! [XDA Developers via Android Central Forums]

  • Awesome!! So maybe now Captivate owners will soon(ish) be able to have real custom roms. So far many are complaining that there aren't really anything good or isn't anything different out there, because developers were waiting for froyo so their work wouldn't be obsolete in such a short amount of time. Cheers for new captivate roms!
  • As an evo owner that got burned, I'd wait for the official one. ;)
  • Wasn't really that big of a burn. They supplied a fix and honestly I never saw a difference between it and the final version fix they released. The only way to know how awesome you can be is to go all out.
  • Yeah, HTC & Sprint actually offered the people who installed the leaked update a way to upgrade to the official version... However that's something that AT&T/Samsung are unlikely to do, so I'd take some caution unless you're willing/able to root your device, in which case it really doesn't make any difference.
  • Odin should allow you to flash back to an older firmware. Things get iffy if the boot.img is changed.
  • Can't wait for CM6.1 :)
  • Awesome! I was thinking about rooting this weekend, but I think I'll wait. What was the turn around for the HTC and Droid devices before they got it? around one month or so? Ya, I can wait. :)
  • Any love for Epic owners?
  • Yeah...we've had a legit, stable leaked build for about 4 months now
  • You guys do an awesome job on this site, but you REALLY need some "audit" points on what you post. Realize that "you don't know what you know". That is, you don't realize that new users/visitors may not even know the basics, like the fact that your instructions will root their phone and put it out of warranty - maybe my assumption, but I'll post a mea culpa if so; expect my exposure to this is very low :-) Your exposure is now WAY past only us willing hackers. This post, and many with simple spelling and homonym mistakes, shows you're running too far ahead of your capabilities as an organization, editor-wise. I am only trying to be helpful here. PM me if I can help.
  • I kinda feel like this community is a bit too far ahead, but I don't mind. For example, I would like to root my device, but I don't even understand what rooting actually is, or why I would do it. I tried to do it once, but it seemed way too complicated. I come from a palm pre, wich was dead simple to hack. But I don't get the same kind of instruction from the users here since they are usually much more advanced. I know its harder to post directions and stuff for the large amount of android devices out there, so I don't mind. But it would be nice.
  • Android is based off of Linux. In linux you have two basic access levels, user and root. Root means unrestricted access to all files, system or not. Normal users however can only edit non-system files. Android apps / tools almost all launch with user level permissions so they can only play within a certain set of rules. They can't touch system level files or resources. What rooting allows is an elevation of privileges in order to make changes to the entire operating system. That's useful so that you can change parts of the operating system that Google never intended you to, however it's also dangerous because you can delete or damage important system files. That's why they don't grant root access by default, because people that should normally have no busy messing with that kind of access could kill their phone and they'd end up with a sub par experience on Android. Also carriers don't want their users to be able to change low level resources because then you can do things they don't want you doing, like using tether applications to share your data with other devices. They'd normally want to charge you extra for that. That said, what kind of phone do you have? Some are easier to root than others and some phones haven't yet obtained a known method for gaining root access at all.
  • This is just a pre-release of an update build. It doesn't root anything and are the instructions really that hard? You move the file to your SD Card, reboot hit a key or two and viola! If you search the site there is actually a lot of resources for doing more advanced stuff, they can't spoon feed the instructions with every single post and I don't think it's fair to hold them responsible for people who aren't willing to do their own research.
  • @ads: Who says you have to be rooted to do this update? And who says you're rooted afterward? Because neither is true here. So let's not assume anything, m'kay? :) And if you're looking for basic tips, I suggest you start at and
  • estebancam I recommend you visit you tube they will show you a step by step video on rooting/unrooting your phone or what ever else you need to know i'm sure there's a video for it.
  • You guys need to go to the ACforums there is so much info how to root , discussion, help and whatever you want to know or address , if you need help there is tons of cool persons willing to coach you . So don't blame AC editors for giving the greatest always news about Android devices , if you want to root search , read and learn
  • Benchmark scores on FroYo please?
  • Quadrant 948 :(
    linpack 14.2
  • Thank you for the info. Seems the scores are a tad low, no? :-/
  • Awesome, checking out the XDA thread now. One nice thing, even if Samsung doesn't provide a way back, it's exceptionally easy to flash stock rom. They have been available forever.
  • First at&t subsidized phone w/froyo?
  • Hey guy's check out what's coming to android i just found it on website wow lol i feel so bad for apple :) and am happy they got froyo for the captivate i wan't it on my mytouch slide 3g , i want to get a high end android now but am between the G2 and the EPIC what should i do lol ? check out my link below TRUST you will be amazed. lol ANDROID !!!!!!!!!!!!! .woot woot
  • Yeah, also the only high-end Android phone on AT&T thus far... Altho it looks like they've locked down some sort of holiday exclusive on WP7, FWIW.
  • So no new high-end Android devices slated for AT&T until 2011? :( Boo...guess I'll have to settle (kind of) for the Cappy. Oh well, it should be pretty good :D i was just worried about GPS problems, and this seems to have fixed it for a lot of XDA users.
  • So I'm ready to give this 2.2 ROM a try on my Captivate, but I was hoping to hear from a few people that it is actually running smooth, etc. before I be a guinea pig myself. :) Specifically I'm hoping to hear about Exchange functionality & smoothness (I can't have bugs here, I use for work), as well as any other system bugs that I'm going to see w/ this build. Does anyone care to post on that???
  • I just did it for a co-worker, it works FLAWLESSLY. I'm surprised, I expected it to be buggier than an anthill. One note of caution: Backup your contacts using Kies or GMail or something. He didn't and he lost his contacts. Everything else we were able to dig through his accounts to get (email, Facebook, calendar, music, etc.) Hope this helps! - AP
  • Anyone running Android and NOT syncing contacts to a gmail account deserves exactly what he got. Sorry if that sounds harsh.
  • Well at least this is a sign Vibrant users will get Froyo... Still sad:(
  • I did exactly as told, installed no problems...Froyo is running PERFECTLY! So happy!!!
  • Anybody heard of a rom being baked from this for the other variants of the galaxy? Anything for the fascinate?
  • If you follow the directions you should have no problems installing Froyo. Second yes you will want to backup any info and apps. I installed it this afternoon and my phone is running just fine
  • Hi everyone. Im pretty new to the Android OS, the captivate being my first Android phone. I really want to install Froyo, but I have two questions that I hope someone can help me with. First, what is the downside to updating to Froyo? Will it affect any of my apps or anything like that. Second, will I still be able to get official updates like if I were to wait for and install the official release? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • Do you have to be rooted mine isn't working.
  • So does this still use that lame filesystem that Sammy foisted on the captivate, or have they ripped that out and gone to something that works faster?
  • Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0) Now its still stuck on the downloading screen..... what gives?
  • The only thing checked on the left side should be auto reboot or something like that. Nothing else. Its stuck because u didn't tell it to do that
  • My phone also jus says downloading. I followed the directions and that's all it says. A lil help plz?
  • This runs surprisingly well for a leaked build. It looks like Samsung finally applied some polish to the skin, it looks a lot less ugly now with subtle grays instead of blue on black. It also seems to have the Epic 4G task manager built into the task switcher. Very happy with this Froyo build :)
  • I went ahead and updated and everything had been working great except one thing. I can no longer get the paypal app from the market place. Its just not there. Anyone else having this issue?
  • I'm in the process of doing the upgrade and the screen says not turn off target. How long does it take?
  • I upgraded last night and everything went smooth following the instructions.
  • Great article first off! Thanks for the tips on how to install this new build on the Captivate. If it helps, we went ahead and did a side by side comparison video of all the new features compared to Eclair and a GPS test to see if the GPS has been fixed. You can find that and more here:
  • I am also having problems with the marketplace after upgrading to froyo. Three of the five apps I purchased from the marketplace are no longer showing up at all. When I search for the apps, I get a response saying they don't exist in the marketplace. They are:
    1) SAFEID
    3) SUPER FROGGY PRO The only app that really affects me is SAFEID as I have been using it for years on various platforms and depend on it. The others are insignificant. Other than this anomaly, the I897 appears to be running just fine on the Froyo 2.2 build. I have NOT yet rooted the phone at this point. If anyone can shed some light on the marketplace issue, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Looks like you and I have the same problem. As I posted previously, I am unable to get the PayPal app after updating to Froyo. Ive been looking for a fix, but cant find one anywhere. I will post back if I find a solution.
  • I found a free app that fixed the problem I was having with certain apps not showing up in the marketplace after my upgrade to Froyo 2.2.
    It should be noted that this app is only for Galaxy 'S' phones.
    The app is called "SGS Tools" and I am currently using version 3.7.2.
    The specific tool from this app that fixed the problem is called "Market Fix for 2.1/2.2". Once I ran this tool, all of my missing apps showed up within 5 minutes or so.
    JohnnyDanger79, I hope this works for you as nicely as it has worked for me.
  • Thanks captivateman. I tried the app, but could not get it to work because my phone is not footed. I'm thinking about going ahead and rooting, but am a little nervous about messing something up. I will have to consider it and make a decision. Thanks again.
  • Will all these missing apps be returning to the markeplace because i want my paid app back ( Homerun Battle 3d). Is there any way to get it back without rooting?
  • I did have to root in order to get my apps back in the market. However, before I finally rooted, I was able to sideload my apps using the PC. The disadvantage of loading an app via sideloading is that you then have to keep up with updates yourself. I wasn't too keen on having to do this so decided to root and go with this other method. So far, I have no regrets about this decision and am extremely pleased with this phone now. Take care...
  • Hey captivateman, can you direct me to directions to root my phone? I would appreciate it man.
  • Sure...The RootKit I used along with all of the files I needed to carry it out can be downloaded from the following address:
    Let me know how it goes for ya :)
  • I rooted and it works perfectly. Well, for the most part. Have you tried connecting to Kies while rooted? For some reason Kies wont connect for me.
  • Greetings...Sorry for the delay...I have been working on projects and well, I'm sure you know how that goes.
    Concerning Kies, I have not even tried to use it yet and frankly, don't think I will any time soon. I have read about so many problems that other users are having I have just stayed clear of it for now.
    I use a program called 'Titanium Backup Pro' which realy works well on this phone. The cost was approximately $6 and worth every cent. The free version is not what I would recommend.
    I use the phone's wi-fi connection as well as USB straight connect to load media files on the phone and the full version of Titanium Backup wll unlock the portion of your phone that blocks the install of 'non-market' apps so installs of any app are never a problem.
    Sorry I couldn't help more with your Kies issue. Keep me posted if you can. Thanks.
  • No need to be sorry. That info is great. I will get Titanium Backup Pro asap. Thanks a lot.
  • PLEASE E-mail me or post the actual leaked Fryo (downloadable source link) for the (I897UCJI6-OCD-REV02-Low-designgears.exe ) its nowhere on the page and i am signed in
  • A copy of the file you requested can be downloaded from the following address:
    Hope this helps you out...
  • my phone has shutoff after showing the "S" and the Galaxy S...and it wont turn back on what do i do?