Samsung Captivate Cases

Now that you have your Captivate, you're going to want to consider a case for it. Cases help protect your Vibrant from accidental drops or dings, scratches, and even the elements.

Samsung Captivate top cases

Samsung Captivate top cases

Top cases for the Samsung Captivate load vertically and ride that way on your hip or belt. They should include a sturdy closure and clip while providing near total enclosure of the phone.

Samsung Captivate organizer case

Samsung Captivate Organizer case

A Samsung Captivate Organizer Case is a one-stop shop for your phone, credit and business cards, pens -- basically an entire desk in your hand. It fits your phone comfortably along with anything else you need on the go. Great for road warriors.

Samsung Captivate Golla bags

Samsung Captivate Golla Bags

Golla Bags for the Samsung Vibrant offer an extensive line of cushy pouches for your phone. They're soft, fit to the phone and have removable belt clips. They also have a zippered compartment or two, perfect for holding ID or credit cards, or some loose change.

Samsung Vibrant weather-resistant cases

Samsung Captivate weather-resistant cases

Weather-resistant cases for the Samsung Captivate keep your phone protected from sun, sand, surf and snow -- all while keeping your phone usable. You can still use the touchscreen through the case, and you don't have to worry about it bring ruined.

Samsung Captivate Pocket Pouches

Samsung Captivate Pocket Pouch

A Samsung Captivate Pocket Pouch is a slim and sleek way to protect your phone. It's soft on the inside, sturdy on the outside and adds very little to the size of the phone, making it easy to slip into a pocket or purse.

AC Staff