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Samsung brings Coral Blue Galaxy S8 to the U.S.

Samsung is bringing its popular Coral Blue color (opens in new tab) to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ starting July 21.

The new handset color will be sold exclusively at Best Buy stores and online, as well as at Customers will be able to get the fresh color in AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and unlocked versions.

Best Buy is offering a nice promotion, too: customers who buy the AT&T model of the phone can get a second unit free if they're a DirecTV customer, which is technically a $400 savings, according to Samsung. Samsung's website is also offering a promotion for the next few days (opens in new tab), discounting the unlocked model by $150, bringing the Galaxy S8 itself down to $575, the lowest price we've seen for the unlocked model so far.

See at Best Buy (opens in new tab)

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Ok
  • I wanted this color at launch.... Now I want to trade up....
  • Target has the same promotion and you can get an additional 5% off the down payment if you have their red card or sign up for one.
  • Me gusta
  • Nice wish they had this color around launch
  • then I guessthe maplegold is on itsway?
  • Perhaps...but then again, don't be surprised to see a Note 8 in an "exclusive" color. Note 8 available in Black, Orchid Gray, Silver and Maple gold.
  • I bet the blue color is coming later to note 8
  • Where can i get that wallpaper?
  • There isn't a 150$ off promo via the Samsung website ...
  • Yeah, I was looking for that too and there is no such thing that I can find.
  • I glad they kept the front uniform and all black on all models (I believe) but as I sit here looking at an all blaque model - whew- hard to deny all this melanin - its really individual preference - I wouldn't mind a deep purple or nice red - but yea this all blaque is so stealth -
  • Glad to see this color available on the S8. Hope this comes to the Note 8 at launch in the US
  • oh how I want that color on the Note 8, I had it on my Note 7 and loved it
  • Who wants a boring blue phone? Why doesn't anyone want to make a red phone? They would sell out in hours.
  • Apple did with the iPhone 7
  • HTC has also done red on several models, including the U11. Then there's that KFC phone in China, lol.
  • As I rock my Solar Red U11 FTW....
  • What about T-Mobile???
  • It's a best buy and Samsung website exclusive model, like the pink S7 and S7 edge in best buy
  • My phone is always in a case anyway.
  • YA KNOW, it would be ice if the actual display borders were the color of the back of the know not BLACK, but blue, silver, etc?
  • YA KNOW, it would be nice if the actual display borders were the color of the back of the know not BLACK, but blue, silver, etc? Ya know, like the G6!