Rumor suggests P40 series pricing will start at around €799

Huawei P40 Series Prototype
Huawei P40 Series Prototype (Image credit: DigitalTrends)

What you need to know

  • A new rumor suggests the P40 series from Huawei will start at around €799.
  • The P40 Pro and P40 Pro Premium Edition, meanwhile, are suggested to cost around €999 - 1,099 and €1,199 - €1,299, respectively.
  • The phones are slated for an online launch on March 26.

Despite not having the Google suite of services, Huawei's next batch of flagships may not see much of a price drop compared to their predecessors (via GSMArena). While the P30's launch price was €800, the P40 is expected to cost somewhere between €799 and €899, according to a new leak by @RODENT950, otherwise known as Teme (特米).

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The P40 Pro, on the other hand, will come in at between €999 and €1,099. The Premium Edition will cost even more, with the maximum estimate being €1,299. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, in comparison, costs €1,349 in Germany.

The Premium Edition phone may well be worth that premium, though, featuring up to 5 cameras on the back with 10x optical zoom. The Galaxy S20 Ultra with its 100x Space Zoom, by contrast, has only 5x pure optical zoom. Leaked renders of the phone also show dual selfies cameras and a premium-looking ceramic design.

Take those estimates with a grain of salt, though, as another report, this time out of Greece, pegs the P40 and P40 Pro's prices at €849 and €1,139. That's slightly different from Teme's predictions, but only barely so. Either way, we'll know for sure when Huawei launches these phones in Europe at an online-only event on March 26.

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