HTC Knight Image from XDA Developers.

Like we previously reported, the Knight is a unannounced HTC slider Android handset heading to Sprint.  While the version of Android it will ship with is still up in the air (as is the launch date).  An undisclosed source has tipped a bit of extra information about this mythical unicorn of a device to Engadget.

HTC recently applied to Trademark the name "EVO Shift 4G," and according to Engadget, this will be the official name for the HTC Knight once it launched.  The device will supposedly have a 3.7 inch screen instead of the previously rumored 4.3 inch Evo-style display. The device also apparently lacks a front-facing camera. 

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The screen size could be forgivable considering the addition of a keyboard, but it doesn't seem like Sprint would launch this device without a camera when the Epic, Evo, and Transform all offer this.  Let's hope video calling makes it back onto the device before launch.  Via [Engadget] and [XDA-Developers]

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