The Smartphone Round Robin is in Week 4 and this will be the last week we spend on another smartphone platform! Obviously, I'm eager to jump back onto the G1 but before we do that we have to give a fair and honest review to the Palm Treo Pro!

The Palm Treo Pro is a bit of a joint effort from a lot of important companies. The hardware was designed by HTC, the software runs Windows Mobile, but in the end its branded a Palm Treo Pro. Interesting. Either way, this is the Treo that combines everything you'd want spec-wise--3G, WiFi, GPS--in a smartphone. Is it too little too late? Or not nearly enough?

To give you a preview of my first impressions: I'm a HUGE fan of the form factor. It's not too wide, not too thin, and really feels easy to hold in the hand. And with Windows Mobile? I'm already instantly more comfortable using it than I was with the AT&T Fuze. Check out the video for the rest of Android Central's first impressions of the Palm Treo Pro!

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