Rogue Legacy 2 officially revealed

Rogue Legacy
Rogue Legacy (Image credit: Cellar Door Games)

What you need to know

  • Rogue Legacy is a popular roguelike that came out back in 2013.
  • Developer Cellar Door Games is working on a sequel.
  • Rogue Legacy 2 was just revealed.
  • It'll probably come to all platforms eventually, just like the prequel.

Rogue Legacy is a popular roguelike that places you in the shoes of your descendants with unique traits. Some mutations might be advantageous, but others may end up requiring a wipe. The goal is to explore a castle and reach the final boss. However, you'll need multiple generations to achieve this because you earn currency through each run, and can unlock permanent upgrades.

Rogue Legacy is available on every platform, including Xbox One and iOS, but we just got word that a sequel was in development. Hopefully, it'll refine some of the mechanics and be just as addictive as the original. Developer Cellar Door Games revealed its existence on Twitter.

It's unclear how far along Rogue Legacy 2's development is, but I'm hoping the wait won't be too long. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

If you haven't played Rogue Legacy, you should on the platform on your choice. It's an incredible game that you'll have a hard time putting down. While you're at it, also check out Immortal Redneck!

Asher Madan