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Rogers' HTC EVO 3D to come with unlocked bootloader?

We'll hold off on celebrating just yet, but if some comments directly from Rogers via their Red Board blog are confirmation enough, then you'll be very pleased to know the Canadian version of the EVO 3D may come with the bootloader already unlocked. If you're a Sprint EVO 3D owner though this info will likely make you just a little bit irritated especially when you take into account you'll be waiting a while for your bootloader to be unlocked. Until we can get a hold of a Rogers EVO 3D and confirm, we'll be sticking to the "wait and see" policy. Oh right, if you're a Rogers customer -- you can now also reserve your EVO 3D using the Rogers website. Same goes for the LG Optimus 3D if that's more your flavor.

Source: Rogers; via: XDA

  • Will having unlocked ones in the wild help out the devs currently working on this?
  • Certainly wouldn't hurt...
  • Just unlock them already -.-
  • Actually this doesn't bother me at all. I wish them very well because if they are as smart as we are on sprint they will realize they have the best device on the market as of today and they will recieve such great happiness as far as the overqall performance of this device. Lock bootloader or not this device as a daily driver expresses what android is and I'm just happy to be able to enjoy this device on a daily basis. Sprint rules and the EVO BRAND just keeps growing and growing people should enjoy this brand.We will get our UPDATE WHEN THEY SEND IT....
  • Too bad the Galaxy S II drops on Bell next week. No one will even notice this over hyped paper weight. Those that don't leave Rogers for a Bell GS2 will just buy one and unlock it. 21 Mbit/s FTW!
  • Ignorant fanboyism FTW!
  • Last time I checked they both had 1.2GHz Dual Core processors, 1gb of Ram. Samsung Display: 480 x 800 pixels
    Evo3d: 540 x 960 pixels They are both pretty much the same, i don't get all the hype for the Galaxy SII, If it's like the rest of their devices is probably feels cheap and plastic. I have an Evo3d and it's not over hyped. Do you even own one? Have you used one for more than 24hours or are you just making assumptions? If not then go crawl back to your fanboy cave.
  • hansonator is either a hater without and has never had an EVO or just a plain ol'fool with nothing better to do with his time or life.. I hope that he enjoys his device to the best of it's capabilities but the EVO line is second to none.. HTC rocks and I give mad props to sprint for using this this along with many other adjustments made, to pull in itself back in the game and looking like a front runner to me.
  • Ignorant fanboyism? Nice! lol As far as the specs.. Samsung's SOC has so far outperformed all other dual-core SOC's including the Tegra2. The TE's OMAP is right on par with the Xenos and uses same GPU ( I think ). I've seen QHD screens and 60x160 more pixels make very little difference on a small display and the colours were terrible. I'm not a hater, no I've never had an Evo, I'm in Canada so no Sprint. I do enjoy my Samsung Galaxy S to the best of it's abilities which far exceed all other non dual-core smartphones. I was bored and trying to get under richy's skin, instead I got to a few other fanboys instead. I see Evo trolls in almost all posts about Samsung phones, when they, like you said, probably have never used one for any length of time. The first Evo was REVOLUTIONARY! I'll be the first, or second if RD got there first, to admit that. We have hTc to thank for paving the way for 4" plus screens. The Evo 3D, though a very nice phone is not revolutionary by any means and not the be all end all that some think it is. The Evo4G was the best phone on the market when it launched and held that for a good couple months but the Evo3D is second at launch at best.