It should come as no surprise that we are fans of robovacs around here, but there are a whole lot of different options available, all with slightly different features and wildly different prices.

We've reviewed a number of options from Roborock so far, and have enjoyed each of them. The company is now releasing the S4, its latest model, and right now you can save $40 on the price by clipping the on-page coupon at Amazon and entering coupon code ROBOROCKS4. This drops the price down to just $359, which is quite a great value for all you get out of it.

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Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum

This is the latest model from Roborock, and it has a whole lot to like. It combines several features found in high-end but at a more affordable price.

I've been a fan of Roborock since I received the Roborock S5 late last year, and continuing through with the improved Roborock S6 just a few months ago. While both do an amazing job at cleaning (and they're good mopping, too) the price is a bit higher than many are willing to spend on a robot vacuum. As of today, Roborock has answered the call for a less expensive model with the release of the new Roborock S4.

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Available today for $399, the S4 builds upon what was already great on the S5 and S6 to give you a clean sweep each and every time. The S4 has been specifically designed to travel between surfaces, free itself from tight corners and furniture, and provide up to three hours of suction on hard floors and carpet. While it doesn't include the mopping feature of the S5 or S6, it offers the most targeted and selective vacuuming needs.

Highlights of the S4 include:

  • Eleven sensors give the S4 improved fall avoidance, carpet boost, height sensitivity, anti-entrapment abilities and more.
  • Revamped drivetrain keeps it from getting stuck in corners or on furniture – so it can always finish the job.
  • High-precision laser navigation system scans rooms at 300RPM, creating a real-time map of the home that is accurate to up to +/- 2cm.
  • Ability to define "no-go" zones and virtual barriers so you can rest assured it only cleans where you want it to - and won't snare the shag rug or accidentally hit your favorite vase.
  • Controlled via the Roborock app, to easily schedule cleanings, define routes and control the S4 from anywhere.
  • Up to 3 hours of battery life and cleaning time.

With an innovative airflow design to keep suction strong, even when the dustbin is full, the S4 provides the best clean all the time. An air filter traps mold, dander, and other particles as it cleans, and the filters can be used longer since each part is able to be removed and washed. The S4 has suction powerful enough to lift AA batteries so it's sure to give you a super clean on even the biggest of messes.

I've been using the S4 for a few weeks and it's an amazing value for the quality Roborock continues to achieve. Even without the mopping function, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better, more reliable vacuum for under $400. Better yet — you can save $40 if you buy the S4 during the special launch promotion.

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