Is Roblox safe for kids?

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If your child has started playing Roblox, just as with any game, you may be wondering, "Is Roblox safe for kids?" As long as you monitor your child and add on the parental safety features, Roblox can be just as safe as any other game. We have outlined a few ways you can help your child have fun and stay safe.

Chat filters

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The first thing you may notice about many Roblox games is the chat feature. Online chats where players can chat with other participants without having added them as friends first can be dangerous. Luckily, Roblox thought of this and has a chat filter that removes the obvious things like curse words and takes it a step further into the safety department by recognizing names and phone numbers and blocking those out as well. This way, kids cannot give out their names and phone numbers on the Roblox platform. It also has your typical report feature so you or your child can report any rude or inappropriate behavior.

Privacy settings

Roblox Privacy Settings

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In your child's account settings, there is a tab labeled "Privacy," where you can determine how players are able to contact your child or if they are able to at all. You can choose who will be able to find the account by phone number, who can chat with the account in-game and in-app, and who can message the account. There is also a section that allows you to change who can invite your child to a private server and who is allowed to join them in games. This makes Roblox safe for kids by only allowing their friends to contact and play with them. Parents will be able to make sure their child is only adding and playing with people they know in person.

Pin activation

Roblox Pin Settings

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There is a section in the settings labeled "Security" where you can enable an account PIN. Parents can enable this feature and set a PIN the child doesn't know, making Roblox safe for kids by making them come to a parent to allow them access to play. This will help monitor what a child is doing in the game and keep track of the amount of screen time. The downside to this is once a child is logged in, nothing is stopping them from figuring out how to go into the settings and turn this feature off.

Robux scams

Roblox Robux Page

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Robux is the in-game currency often used to buy items like clothing, furniture pieces, weapons, and more within various games. While there are safe ways to buy Robux, there are also many scam sites that try to trick people into buying Robux from them for less money. If you want to allow your child to have Robux to buy a few things, you may want to consider getting gift cards instead of adding payment information into their account, as prompts to buy more Robux pops up within games regularly.

Keep an eye out

As with any internet game, there are potential risk factors for Roblox. In order to make Roblox safe for kids, just take a look at their account settings and talk with them about why they're important. With the right settings in place and knowledge of what to monitor, kids can enjoy Roblox safely.

Alex Huebner