Ring Floodlight Cam vs. Smart Floodlight: Which should you buy?

Ring Floodlight Cam

Ring Floodlight Cam

The Ring Floodlight Cam is a HD security camera with floodlights that come on when it detects motion. You can adjust the motion detection zones via the Ring App and set the length of time the light stays on for as well. It can be a bit fiddly to install but once in place you're set to go.

Ring Floodlight Cam

Smart security

2-way audio communciation
Camera zoom and panning
Fiddly installation
A little pricey

Ring Smart Floodlight

Ring Smart Floodlight

The Ring Smart Floodlight is part of Ring's new Smart Lighting range and comes with two bright LED lights that will shine at 2000 lumens. It is motion activated, however, if you do want to be alerted when the light comes on you do need to have the Ring Bridge at an extra cost.

Ring Smart Floodlight

Very bright lights

Adjustable light levels
4-way postionable motion detector
No camera
Need additional Ring Bridge to receive alerts

If you're looking for a security camera that can also provide a security light then the Floodlight Cam is your pick here. The Smart Floodlight is just a security light and if that's what you're looking for, that's your new toy there. However, the Smart Floodlight can also be for those who are looking to expand their home security system. Since the Smart Floodlight can be connected with other Ring devices via the Ring Bridge, it can be installed in other areas outside your home.

Lights, camera, siren

The Floodlight Cam records video throughout the day and when it detects motion you are alerted and sent real time video, you can then use the app to speak to the visitor, planned or unplanned. There is also an option to set of an alarm if they are unwelcome visitors. It has a 270-degree wide angle view and you also have the option to pan and zoom within the app for a closer look. At night the infrared night vision kicks in, though you'll still have the option for the lights to come on.

The Smart Floodlight is also motion activated but unless you own a Ring Bridge you won't get notifications when the light is activated. If you just want a standalone floodlight, you can't go wrong with the Ring Smart Floodlight. Ring is offering a wired version and a battery-powered one too, though you'll probably want to opt for the wired version if you want brighter lights.

Both sets of lights offer smart controls with the Ring App but you will need the Ring Bridge for this to work on the Smart Floodlight. Smart controls allow you to adjust the motion detection zones, as well as adjust the lighting levels. You can also schedule the time you want the lights to go on and off. So, if there's a specific time you want the lights to turn on, just set those times via the Ring App.

The Bridge acts as a hub and you can connect the two sets of lights together. You can then get them to work in conjunction with each other. For example, The Smart Floodlight could be installed in one area of your home, once activated by motion, you can have the Floodlight Cam come on so it can start recording as necessary. You could even have it set up the other way where the Smart Floodlight is activated soon after the Floodlight Cam is activated, giving you even more lights to shine on unwanted guests.

Both the Floodlight Cam and the Smart Floodlight require a junction box for power, unless you get the battery-powered Smart Floodlight. For optimal brightness you want to go for the wired Smart Floodlight. Being wired limits where you can install the lights somewhat as you'll need to install them somewhere the wires can reach the junction box.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Floodlight CamSmart Floodlight
Hard-wiredYesYes (battery option available)
Lumens28002000 (600 with battery version)

If you are looking for floodlights from a reputable brand, the Smart Floodlight will do the job for you. If you're looking for a bit more security then the Floodlight Cam is your pick, with the built-in security camera, you can get peace of mind when you're able to see what's going on, especially when you are not home. There is a big price difference between them but that is the main difference - the camera. However, you can buy them both. They can work together to give even more lights around your home. If you already own the Floodlight Cam, the Smart Floodlight is there to help expand your existing security system. Remember, you will need the Ring Bridge to get alerts for the Smart Floodlight and to connect it to other Ring products. The Ring Bridge costs $50.

DJ Reyes