RIM: Still 'no plans' to bring BBM to other platforms

By the way ... As if there wasn't enough going on today, our CrackBerry cousins are in the middle of their DevCon conference in San Francisco, where the topic of BBM on Android came up. RIM VP of developer relations Alec Saunders and Chris Smith, senior director of the BlackBerry Developer Program, pretty much shot it down -- for now -- with the former saying he "wasn't aware of it" and the latter saying "there are no plans for it."

Usually when a company says it "currently has no plans" or "we have nothing to announce at this time," it means full well they're working on it. But it's also worth mentioning that fake screenshots are fake, trollers gonna troll, our our boys on the ground at DevCon know their stuff. Keep calm and carry on.

Source: CrackBerry

Phil Nickinson
  • I don't see this happening until RIM completely loses in the smartphone market and becomes a content provider along the lines of how AOL went from ISP to content provider. Once RIM is just a content provider for other platforms, then it will be everywhere. +$.02
  • Who needs BBM when there is Kik?
  • What's the adoption rate of kik?
  • I don't know. All my friends and family use it. So 100% for anyone that concerns me lol. I love having the read/delivered tags on each message. We were all using Google Talk but so many times messages wouldn't make it, then i'd have to text asking if they received my google talk message. With Kik I know when they got it and if they read it.
  • I prefer WhatsApp.
  • and there's one of the rubs...one of the big appeals of BBM is that it's "all in one" access to any other BB user without having to download an additional app or make sure your intended contact is using the same app. Any other app with penetration on a platform short of that could match or exceed the features, security, and usability of BBM and it would still have the disadvantage of not being ubiquitous. Is that a deal-breaker? For a lot of people, probably not...for some, it is. gtalk might come close but there are arguably still some gaps between a general internet-protocol IM service and BBM service that's 100% push to end-point through RIM's infrastructure (not that RIM's infr. doesn't have its downsides as the recent outages highlight). I really liked BBM when I used blackberry and I would use it again if it were available. I felt for a while like I really needed it once I moved to Android...now...it'd be nice to have but I'm surviving pretty happily without it and use IM and text to message with blackberry users.
  • What ever happened to http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19736_7-20038930-251.html and similar reports? Ah well. No loss really, as far as I'm concerned.
  • lol @ you using CNET as a reliable news source
  • Do we really need another way to communicate to each other. Like we don't have enough already with sms, email, fb and twitter. Doesn't everybody already have some sort of profile set up somewhere on one of these. Its just to much and another social media/messenger to keep up with and constantly check. For me this falls into the same gripe that everyone has in regards to the ever increasing screen sizes. When is enough enough?
  • The only thing keeping me on a Blackberry last year was BBM. I could not imagine my phone without it. After I made the jump to Android I missed it. As time went by I missed it less and less. Now I don't even know if I would download it if it even came to Android. Google Talk works fine and their group chat in Google+ works fine (when its actually working)
  • As a former BB owner i do miss bbm. Hopefully RIM will create an app for android.
  • LiveProfile is the best free messenger for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian (coming soon). It has sent delivered and read markers which are very useful. Group chat has been promised by the developers & is coming soon.
    Besides Liveprofile I use whatsapp, kik, chaton, gtalk and g+ messenger (formerly huddle).
    The problem is that contacts are scattered across different clients as none of these clients offers a complete package.
    Why didn't someone take cross platform messaging seriously? It's really important.