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A while back we asked you to give us feedback on the new Phone Compare pages we were working on -- this went so well we’re now putting out a sneak peek of the Review Pages, too.

We’re considering moving away from a score-based review and instead focus on delivering bite-size content within the review itself that helps you make an informed decision about a phone. (User Reviews will still be ratings-based however, as an average score from many ratings is still of relevance).

Please take a moment and click through to the full-scale image below and help us out by commenting.

Some of the things we’re looking for answers to:

  • How does the overall layout work for you?
  • Do you get a quick and valuable overview without scrolling?
  • Is there enough content within the whole review for you to make an informed decision?
  • Is there anything missing? Is there too much of something?

Thanks! - David Lundblad, Mobile Nations Design Director