Mobi products skin case

The Mobi Products skin case is a single-piece, wraparound case for the Samsung Fascinate and Mesmerize. The case material is a flexible rubber with a grippy matte surface. The phone easily slides in and out, which is a benefit for those who swap batteries frequently. On the other hand, the top parameter might be a little too flexible and loose for others.

I'm somewhere in the middle. I fall into the category of those who do not typically use a case. However, I found myself using it more often than not, because of the ability to pop it on and off with ease. Perfectly aligned cutouts provide sufficient access to the buttons, speaker, camera, microphone, headset jack, and micro SD slot. The material was fingerprint-free after extended use and was easy to clean with a drop of dish soap and water. The volume rocker and power buttons are easy to push. If you're a person, who on average, prefers the feel of a naked phone but wants some level of protection while your phone is in a coat pocket or lying on a table, this could be the perfect case for your needs.  Grab the Mobi Products skin case in one of four different colors from the Android Central store for $9.95.  Hit the break for some more pictures.

Mobi skin case 1  Mobi skin case 2

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