Retailers weigh in on Sony Xperia Z Ultra

Phones 4u confirms plans to stock device in the UK, pre-order pricing appears

Following yesterday's global announcement, we're starting to hear details of retailers' plans for Sony's latest smartphone/tablet hybrid, the Xperia Z Ultra. The 6.44-inch beast will be offered through Phones 4u, the retailer has confirmed, making P4u the second major UK player to hop aboard Sony the Z Ultra train. Yesterday Three UK said it'd carry  the device upon release.

Meanwhile the first SIM-free prices are starting to emerge, and Amazon Germany is listing the device for pre-order at €679 (£575, $884). An eye-watering European pre-order price isn't entirely unexpected considering the phone's laundry list of high-end specs. The Ultra includes Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 800 chip, a new "Triluminos" 1080p display from Sony, waterproof and dust-resistant credentials and a glass-backed chassis. A €679 or £575 launch-day price would put Sony's latest on equal footing with the Samsung Galaxy S4, which launched at £579.99 in the UK.

A global launch is scheduled to take place sometime in Q3, but there's no firm release date just yet. If you're not yet acquainted with the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, check out our hands-on impressions from yesterday's launch event.

Xperia Z Ultra hands-on

Source: (opens in new tab) via: XperiaBlog (opens in new tab), Phones 4u

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  • Is that an Samsung S4 in the picture?
  • Yep
  • Nah, It's a Note II haha.
  • Do we know what bands are coming? any chance of 1700 (aws) like the ZL?
  • The international Z Ultra supports pentaband HSPA+, including 1700 (AWS)
  • That is freaking HUGE
  • what is that weather widget on s4 it looks different that stock wiz
  • That's DashClock Widget.
  • Alex is there plans to do a review in this phone. In particular by you*? I'd really like to hear more about this device. I know a lot off folks said the note 2 is too big, but for me this device is just right. I'm kind of feeling that the ultra is too big,I would love to hear your thoughts. * You do the best reviews . Posted via Android Central App
  • OMG they are getting ridiculous!
  • It's a nice phone..but me thinks Samsung still better specs for Note 3 Posted via Android Central App
  • I really wish this was cheaper. Not because it would make sense for it to be cheaper (given specs and sony) but because I would love to be able to pick up one of these babies for myself. Almost a thousand dollars on a phone hurts pretty badly
  • Seems a bit odd saying this but I won't buy this $884 phone, not because of the price, but because I can't use it as a torch. I'm definitely keen on a phablet though, so I'll wait and see what the maxed out HTC One looks like.
  • Wow! I thought the Note 2 was huge.......can't put it in my pocket. hehe
  • There will be Bluetooth handset accessory answers phablet calling woes, so you don't have to hold the phone to your face