Fierce Wireless has helped deconstruct the third-quarter 2016 results from research firm Strategy Analytics.

Verizon and AT&T are not only the top two mobile service providers in America, but they're also neck-and-neck for subscribers on their respective networks. Verizon covers about 143 million people, while AT&T is close behind with a count of 133 million. It's also worth nothing that AT&T was number one for average revenue per customer, though it's unclear if that revenue includes the cost of average monthly device payments.

T-Mobile has also jumped into third place with 69 million subscribers, while Sprint is trailing behind with a tally of 59 million. The Magenta carrier has seen a huge number of net additions over the past few years since beginning its Uncarrier campaign.

U.S. Cellular is still holding strong in fifth place with five million subscribers.